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Under the desert sun

When field testing prototypes, Canadian ag equipment, manufacturers—like all others—need to log as many hours on a machine as is possible in the shortest amount of time. If they stick to testing in Canada, snowfall pretty much sidelines the equipment for at least half of the year. But if they head far south of the […] Read more

What language are we talking?

Following is part of a news release I received this morning, which really brought home a fundamental message — I sure do miss the simplicity of my Dick and Jane reader. There are many areas of agriculture, agri-business and new technology that I don’t understand — some just a little bit, and some of it […] Read more

Hitting the powder

I don’t think there is anyone in this country that will be sad to see the end of winter, especially one like we just experienced. So with the snow receding, giving us the first look at grass and fields again, you might think I’d be turning my attention in this entry to seeding or something […] Read more


When the press release from Versatile (Buhler Industries) first popped up in my email inbox with the name Kubota in the heading, I thought, “Here it comes!”. There’s a good reason I was bracing for a really big announcement between those two brands. The rumours around a deal between them have swirled through the ag […] Read more

My knowledge as of the Ides of March

The amount that I have learned since my last blog is scary. The real scary thing I learned – my editor said if I don’t write more timely blogs they may be looking for a new writer. (The ancient Romans seemed to have been acting on a similar impulse on this day in 44 B.C. […] Read more

Species extinction?

When I attended Case IH’s introduction of the new AFS Connect Magnum tractors near Phoenix, Arizona, in January, just a couple of miles away in another field on the University of Arizona’s grounds a different and much more private event was taking place. Regina-based DOT Technologies had one of their autonomous implement carriers there conducting […] Read more

Aren’t we better than that?

In January, John Deere did something quite unusual. It displayed a combine and some of its leading edge equipment at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Why? Well much of the equipment Deere had on display had a digital component that relied on Artificial Intelligence. That’s pretty cutting edge in any aspect of the […] Read more

Marketing and the media

During the Manitoba Ag Days show in Brandon last month, I had a chance to sit in on a presentation by John Gehrer, an entrepreneur who created the Never Spill Spout for grain augers. His presentation was meant to give budding inventors the benefit of hearing about his experiences turning an on-farm invention into a […] Read more

Broadening horizons

In mid January, John Deere did something neither it nor any other farm equipment manufacturer had ever done before (at least as far as anyone can remember). It took one of its combines, an S770, to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This is the place all the tech companies go to show off […] Read more

Something for nothing

We’ve all heard the old expression “you get what you pay for”. And I would be the last one to argue that isn’t true. More than once I’ve tossed out a cheap pair of shop gloves that tore or started coming apart on the first day of use. I’ve actually thrown out cheap wrenches too, […] Read more