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Thoughts on investing in real estate

Most farmers have invested in a home and in farmland. These investments are not risk free

My January 8, 2019, column titled, “Re-think what you thought, Part 2” contained a statement that a common misperception is that a house is one’s most important investment. For farmers, a house often comes with the farm, which is clearly an investment. Does this apply to those who don’t farm? I wish to clarify that […] Read more


B.C. Greens seek limits on foreign ownership of farmland

The party holding the balance of power in British Columbia’s legislature wants to curb foreign ownership of farmland in the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Green Party leader Andrew Weaver on Thursday introduced the Property Law Amendment Act as a private member’s bill, which he said “would prohibit foreign entities from purchasing ALR land over […] Read more

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Managing your farm’s biggest risk

For long-term stability, farm transition planning is key. Take control of your biggest risk

The marketing risk management issues I usually write about are focused on improving marketing results while reducing marketing risk. I would say this falls under the category of production management. What I would like to talk about in this article comes under the category of business management: farm transition planning. You may wonder why I […] Read more

Canola farmlands in rural Central West of NSW at sunset, the last rays spread their warm light on the golden canola flowers. Panorama

Calculating land rental costs

Renting might be the right choice for your farm. But how much should you pay?

Calculating how much you can afford to pay for rented land takes a certain amount of work, and there may even be some cost involved if you bring in advisors to help, but it may help mitigate some of your risk and prevent you from biting off more than you can chew. There are various […] Read more

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Talking about the farm transition

Bring in the experts when it's time to talk about passing on the family farm

During the winter months, I spent a lot of time at conferences and meetings, often talking with farmers over lunches and breaks. One such conversation was around farm transition. I spoke with a couple in the process of taking over the family farm. The issue was two other siblings who worked off the farm. These […] Read more

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Learn to read the market signs

Guarding Wealth: Two distinct schools of stock market price prediction are taken on faith

It is said that the future is written in the past. For investors, that means looking backward to see where the future lies. On the one hand, it seems silly. After all, if you are driving down the road, looking backward is downright hazardous. But if you are an investor, you have to look to […] Read more