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Hold off on closing producer-car loading sites, says APAS president

Government needs to "get off the pot" and do a full rail costing review

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is asking for a time-out on Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway’s planned closure of 10 producer-car loading sites. “It’s great to have legislation (saying) that we can get producer cars, but if there’s nowhere to drop them off, it’s not going to help anybody,” says Todd Lewis, president of […] Read more

Railways’ mandatory minimum grain handles ending

Canada’s big two railways can resume moving grain at their own pace as the federal government’s order in council setting mandatory minimum grain traffic quotas is set to expire unrenewed. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced the federal government won’t renew the mandatory minimums, which are due to expire Saturday. The […] Read more

Guenther: Wheat + Chaff

Editor’s note: I am still the editor of Grainews, but I’ve given this page over to our field editor Lisa Guenther for this issue. As you saw on our cover, Lisa’s been looking into the transportation fiasco. She has some well-researched, timely opinions that I wanted to highlight at the very front. — Leeann Minogue […] Read more