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With an overall implement weight of roughly 50,000 pounds, the HP Torsion Harrows are capable of a range of light tillage functions.

Brandt introduces the HP Torsion Harrow series

Working widths are designed for large-scale growers

Producers looking for a light tillage implement capable of helping them manage residue and prepare seedbeds or even more aggressive field work, now have one more option to chose from. Brandt has introduced its HP Torsion Harrow series, which is designed for large-scale producers who want something that is capable of leaving a range of […] Read more

The new Fury high-speed implement from Versatile joins the vertical tillage Viking in the brand’s implement line.

New Fury high-speed tillage implement

Versatile’s new high-speed disc implement will be available this spring

The new Fury high-speed implement from Versatile joins the vertical tillage Viking in the brand’s implement line. The company debuted the Fury at the Manitoba Ag Days show in Brandon in January. “A lot guys don’t want to run 4.5 or five miles per hour like a traditional tandem disc does,” explains Trevor Jubinville, Versatile’s […] Read more

Kinze will now offer its own high-speed tillage line, with the first deliveries scheduled for the fall of 2018.

Kinze adds Mach Till to its implement line

Three types of equipment will be available in the fall of 2018

Williamsburg, Iowa, based Kinze has long been known for its grain carts and planters. This year the brand is growing its product portfolio by adding the Mach Till high-speed tillage implement line. “Farmers will now be able to obtain three types of equipment from their Kinze dealer, all with the same standard of quality,” said […] Read more

The SPS 360 from Bourgault is designed to be a one-pass system 
capable of dealing with difficult field conditions.

Two new implements from Bourgault

Bourgault has designed these new tillage tools to work in difficult field conditions

Farmers don’t need reminding that getting crops seeded and harvested in the last few years in many areas has presented some unusual challenges, due to extreme weather. With that in mind, Bourgault has introduced two new tillage implements it claims can help quickly get fields back into condition for seeding: the SPS 360, which it […] Read more

The VT Flex applicator from Summers is custom built to match the exact needs of a producer, according to the company.

New fertilizer applicator from Summers

tool can 
incorporate up to three types of product simultaneously

For those who want to incorporate fertilizer other than during seeding operations, North Dakota’s Summers Manufacturing has introduced a new machine to the marketplace to help accommodate that: The VT Flex applicator. It’s a fully customizable fertilizer applicator, according to the company, that will allow placement of up to three fertilizer mediums (dry, liquid and […] Read more

John Deere adds a 76-foot model to its 1870 air drill lineup and a new 850 bushel cart.

PHOTOS: John Deere debuts new air drill and air cart

A third, wider model joins the 1870 lineup, and a new cart puts more product behind it

This year John Deere unveiled a wider air drill and all-new air cart at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. The new addition to John Deere’s 1870 line of air drill toolbars stretches the maximum available working width to 76 feet, joining the existing 40- and 56-foot versions. The 76 footer is a five-section design […] Read more

New from Case IH is the True Tandem 335 Barracuda  vertical tillage tool for aggressive field finishing.

Case IH lands a tillage Barracuda

This new vertical tillage tool is an option for more aggressive field finishing

In early March Case IH introduced a new implement model it says fills a niche in the vertical tillage category. The True Tandem 335 Barracuda is designed for dealing with heavy crop residues, leaving fields a little blacker than some other vertical tillage machines. It is capable of cutting, evenly distributing and burying residue up […] Read more

The MC4500 brings the maximum cutting width in Vermeer’s line of of mower-conditioners to 15 feet.

A larger mower conditioner from Vermeer

The MC4500 pushes the brand’s widest cutting width to 15 feet

Vermeer announced in September that it was stretching the maximum cutting width on its line of mower conditioner models to 15 feet. To do that it introduced the new MC4500, which becomes the fourth and widest model in the brand’s mo-co line. “The MC4500 mower conditioner brings more size, speed, versatility and reliability to the […] Read more

The SF6830 vertical tillage implement is new from AGCO’s Sunflower brand.

AGCO introduces the SF6830

A new, high-speed, vertical tillage implement for the Sunflower brand

In August, AGCO introduced a new vertical tillage tool into its Sunflower line of implements. The SF6830 model is one of a number of recent additions to the brand. Designed for high-speed field finishing, the SF6830 includes four types of ground engaging features in one vertical tillage implement. The front row on an SF6830 Series […] Read more

tractor wheel with FenderXTender

Fender XTender keeps mud down

This bolt-on addition for fenders keeps mud off wide sprayer tires

Mud can be a huge problem on farm equipment. In spraying season, mud can be especially problematic: it damages sprayer nozzles, contributes to corrosion and rust and requires a lot of downtime for washing equipment. Mud can also be dangerous to your crop — pathogens like clubroot can spread from field to field in a […] Read more