Brandt introduces the HP Torsion Harrow series

Working widths are designed for large-scale growers

With an overall implement weight of roughly 50,000 pounds, the HP Torsion Harrows are capable of a range of light tillage functions.

Producers looking for a light tillage implement capable of helping them manage residue and prepare seedbeds or even more aggressive field work, now have one more option to chose from. Brandt has introduced its HP Torsion Harrow series, which is designed for large-scale producers who want something that is capable of leaving a range of field finishes. Combining those very wide working widths with a maximum working speed of up to 12 miles per hour, growers can cover a lot of acres in a hurry.

“We’re pretty pleased to announce the introduction of the HP Torsion Harrow series,” says Brandt’s vice-president of sales, Sheldon Gerspacher. “It’s well suited for large operations, as it comes in 100 and 120 feet (widths). So, when you’re travelling up to 12 miles per hour, you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. It builds off of the very successful harrow offering we have already.”

Light or aggressive tillage action

The HP Torsion Harrows are heavy, weighing in at around 50,000 pounds (22,680 kilograms), and that’s what makes them capable of more aggressive tillage action than a more conventional harrow.

“You can employ light tillage or a significant amount of ground disturbance,” he adds. “We’ve incorporated independent suspension on each section to make sure the ground following and contouring across a machine that large is consistent. One of the things we keyed in on with this unit was consistent field finish, making sure we get consistent down pressure, especially for seedbed preparation in the spring.”

Brandt has introduced a new line of heavy-duty harrows. The new series called the HP Torsion Harrow are available in 100- and 120-foot working widths. photo: Brandt

Down pressure is adjustable and can be set on the machine itself. Gerspacher adds that a regular request his company has heard from farmer discussion panels is they want a tough, durable machine. Engineers included features to accommodate that demand, such as larger wheels and tires as well as heavy-duty bushings at joints. The harrows also use a 2.5-inch carbide tip on the tines to extend their working life.

To make coupling easier, the harrows come with a standard equipment hydraulic hitch jack and colour-coded hydraulic connection points.

“We wanted to make it easy and efficient to hook and unhook from the tractor,” Gerspacher explains.

Both HP Torsion Harrow models fold up to a transport width of just under 18 feet.

“We’ve made it really easy and safe to transport this unit up and down the road,” he notes. “And we’ve made it very easy to get it in and out of transport.”

Production of the HP Torsion Harrows began in late 2020, so new models are available for the 2021 season.

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