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These aren’t your daddy’s cow herds

No more kick ’em out and forget ’em for progressive producers

Long before the time when the grass comes in thick and green and the summer winds start to blow, progressive cattlemen begin to prepare their cow-calf herds for the grazing and breeding seasons ahead. The days of rounding up the herd just before you send them to pasture, slapping on a few ear tags, chasing […] Read more

Flight zones can teach some lessons

Cattle behaviour may not be all that much different than how humans handle life

There are many things I have learned over the years about what makes a good pen checker in the feedlot. In my opinion, one of the most important is learning about the flight zones of cattle. Earlier in my career, I believed it was something you either understood or didn’t. There was no middle ground […] Read more

Developing a winter feeding system where cows can feed themselves can reduce yardage costs.

Managing yardage — The silent profit killer

I was running rations on Cowbytes beef management program the other day, which is an interesting and important process around our ranch. Through proper feed testing and ration balancing I can correct and solve potential dietary deficiencies ahead of time and also have enough lead time to find least-cost solutions to one of our largest […] Read more