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Spill response on the farm, Part 2

Spill response on the farm, Part 2

Unfortunately, spills and leaks occur for a variety of reasons. Prevention is key. If the steps provided in Part 1 of this feature are followed correctly, any spill or leak would be from unforeseen circumstances or human error. However, by implementing an emergency response plan (ERP), it is possible to respond quickly and safely to […] Read more

Spill response on the farm, Part 1

Farmers depend on all sorts of tools to get the job done. Chemicals are just another tool farmers use to keep farm machinery running, keep livestock and crops healthy and to ensure farms operate at optimal performance. However, there is a potential for spills or leaks wherever crop protection products, cleaning supplies, fuel, livestock medications […] Read more

PPE care and use during COVID-19

PPE care and use during COVID-19

Farmers of all different commodities are intimately familiar with personal protective equipment (PPE). Everything from work gloves and steel-toed boots to respirators and coveralls, all farms have spent a small fortune to keep everyone well equipped with the items they need to reduce the risk of injury or illness. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 […] Read more

Make sure to dig safely on your farm

Make sure to dig safely on your farm

It is important to use the one-call service Click Before You Dig before starting any project on the farm where ground will be broken, regardless of depth. This applies to all small or large projects such as sod removal for a garden, fencing projects, digging a new well or putting in a foundation. The one-call […] Read more

Developing a pre-spring checklist is the first step in developing a safety management program that will help keep everyone safe and productive as they go into the busy spring season.

Tips to develop a spring safety checklist for your farm

There are many reasons why it’s needed, including your profitability

Many farming operations across Canada are still family owned, and because of that a lot of the occupational health and safety legislation doesn’t always apply to them if they don’t have paid employees or are small-scale operations. That said, Robert Gobeil, agricultural health and safety specialist with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), still advises […] Read more

Self-care is about more than self-indulgence

What comes to mind when you hear the term self-care? A day of pampering at a spa? A facial or manicure? While those are commonly associated with self-care in the media, they don’t represent the full picture and only further fuel misconceptions. While a spa day may not seem to have much in common with […] Read more

CASA welcomes new chief executive officer

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrea Lear as its new chief executive officer. With a long history of not-for-profit experience, Lear joins CASA after working as the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association’s executive director. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her years of working in financial services. […] Read more