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Back to basics: Tractor operation 101

Tractors are essential to farm operations. From field work to feeding livestock to cleaning snow, tractors are the most used machine on the farm. As simple and as commonplace as these machines are, the fact remains that the majority of agriculture machinery-related fatalities involve tractors. Reminders on basic safety while operating tractors can help everyone […] Read more

Maintain augers and create work zones to prevent entanglements

An auger in good condition is critical when it comes time to move grains and feed around the farm. Augers can also be some of the most hazardous machines on the farm, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained. Although Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting statistics have identified runovers as the top cause of agriculture-related fatalities, […] Read more

Family portrait standing in front of a red barn on the farm.

Commit to your farm during this Ag Safety Week

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week runs March 12 - 18

This March, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture is celebrating Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW). This is the second year of the “Be an AgSafe Family” theme. In 2017, CASW is “Appealing to Adults.” What does that mean? Appealing to Adults? Well, statistics tell us that each year approximately 85 […] Read more

Shopping for on-farm safety

Take time during the winter to make sure your equipment meets safety standards

The weather outside may be frightful, and you may feel more like hibernating for the winter than shopping for farm equipment. But consider setting your slippers aside and pulling on your Sorels. Because it could be time to replace some equipment and you need to know what to look for from a safety perspective. To begin, […] Read more

“BeGrainSafe” gets off the ground

􏰁Farm Safety: See the Canadian Ag Safety Association’s new mobile demonstration at a show near you

Grain is the life of most farming operations. Grain volumes, storage capacities and handling rates continue to grow in Canada in response to larger yields and a growing world population that requires grain products. Along with this good news, there is some bad news. The frequency of grain entrapments is growing nationally. In 2015 alone, […] Read more