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Celebrate Canadian Ag Safety Week by supporting seniors

This March, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and presenting sponsor Farm Credit Canada (FCC) are encouraging all Canadians to be part of the AgSafe Family during Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW). Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is an annual public awareness campaign focusing on the importance of safe agriculture. […] Read more

Taking steps to prevent slips, trips and falls on the farm

“In theory the prevention of falls is simple. Nearly all falls result from conditions or practices whose hazard is obvious or readily discoverable. In practice, however, prevention is difficult because the detail involved is very great and it is necessary to improve the performance of practically everyone.” —From Safety Subjects, U.S. Division of Labour Standards, […] Read more

Attitude and the senior farmer

A safety audit of your farm is a great step to determine its current situation

Senior farmers have experience in spades. You have seen it all. Good years, great yields, good(ish) prices. Bad years, terrible yields, awful prices. You can probably fix it all. (Almost – some of that new equipment has many computer components.) You know your land like the back of your hand. What about physical capability? Is […] Read more

Safely transport oversize loads

Farm safety: Tips to get your equipment to the field and back again

With larger farm equipment comes larger transportation challenges. Equipment wider than highway lanes poses a hazard to not only the equipment operator, but also to other motor vehicle operators. Tall equipment can come into contact with low-hanging wires, bridges and other vital pieces of infrastructure. Collisions with other vehicles is a major concern while transporting […] Read more

Mental health on the farm: understanding stress

According to a 2005 report, almost two-thirds of Canadian farmers are feeling stressed on their farms. One in five farmers describe themselves as being “very stressed” while almost half (45 per cent) describe themselves as being “somewhat stressed.” Stress is all around us. Understanding it and managing it are essential in having healthy minds and […] Read more