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Safely transport oversize loads

Farm safety: Tips to get your equipment to the field and back again

With larger farm equipment comes larger transportation challenges. Equipment wider than highway lanes poses a hazard to not only the equipment operator, but also to other motor vehicle operators. Tall equipment can come into contact with low-hanging wires, bridges and other vital pieces of infrastructure. Collisions with other vehicles is a major concern while transporting […] Read more

Mental health on the farm: understanding stress

According to a 2005 report, almost two-thirds of Canadian farmers are feeling stressed on their farms. One in five farmers describe themselves as being “very stressed” while almost half (45 per cent) describe themselves as being “somewhat stressed.” Stress is all around us. Understanding it and managing it are essential in having healthy minds and […] Read more

Farm safety conference to focus on new and emerging agricultural trends

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) will holdits 23rd annual conference “Agsafety — Make it a Record Year!” and annual general meeting in Edmonton, Alta., from October 3 to 5, 2017. “Farming is dynamic,” says Marcel Hacault, CASA’s Executive Director. “Trends, technology and legislation affect how we deal with farm health and safety. CASA is […] Read more


Remove and store duals safely to prevent injuries

Duals are useful to improve traction and reduce soil compaction. However, for some farming activities, they may no longer be necessary. Removing them reduces tire wear and enhances maneuverability. While removing duals doesn’t seem dangerous, there are some hazards associated with the task. People have been crushed by falling wheels and experienced strains and sprains. […] Read more

Back to basics: Tractor operation 101

Tractors are essential to farm operations. From field work to feeding livestock to cleaning snow, tractors are the most used machine on the farm. As simple and as commonplace as these machines are, the fact remains that the majority of agriculture machinery-related fatalities involve tractors. Reminders on basic safety while operating tractors can help everyone […] Read more