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Dealing with conflict and relationships on the farm

Seven strategies to address conflict

From infancy to old age, we form relationships. As we grow older and evolve from one relationship to another our values, beliefs, perceptions, goals, and ideas may evolve and change as well. As these changes occur, interpersonal conflict will happen. Conflict is part of life. In all relationships, we experience conflict. Conflict is not always […] Read more

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Stay safe when you’re using that grain vacuum

Grain vacs are designed to make light work of what can often be a tedious chore. These high capacity and high efficiency (and high speed) machines can move thousands of bushels an hour (an upgrade from the shovel). Alongside the advances in grain moving technolog, come entrapment and engulfment hazards. Grain vacs are just like other pieces of farm equipment — there […] Read more

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A late spring doesn’t mean forgetting about on-farm farm safety

It has been a long winter by all accounts. Farmers across the Prairies are anxious to get the seed in the ground. According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting data, agriculture-related fatalities happen most often from May to October. Of course, this makes sense, as this is when the majority of farming occurs; however, understanding […] Read more

Celebrate Canadian Ag Safety Week by supporting seniors

This March, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and presenting sponsor Farm Credit Canada (FCC) are encouraging all Canadians to be part of the AgSafe Family during Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW). Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is an annual public awareness campaign focusing on the importance of safe agriculture. […] Read more

Taking steps to prevent slips, trips and falls on the farm

“In theory the prevention of falls is simple. Nearly all falls result from conditions or practices whose hazard is obvious or readily discoverable. In practice, however, prevention is difficult because the detail involved is very great and it is necessary to improve the performance of practically everyone.” —From Safety Subjects, U.S. Division of Labour Standards, […] Read more

Attitude and the senior farmer

A safety audit of your farm is a great step to determine its current situation

Senior farmers have experience in spades. You have seen it all. Good years, great yields, good(ish) prices. Bad years, terrible yields, awful prices. You can probably fix it all. (Almost – some of that new equipment has many computer components.) You know your land like the back of your hand. What about physical capability? Is […] Read more