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New visitor program coming soon to AGCO’s Jackson plant

Early last summer AGCO opened the Intivity Center at its Jackson, Minnesota, tractor and sprayer assembly plant, which gives visitors to the facility a look at some of the history of the machines built there. Executives at AGCO said, at that time, the new Center was just one part of an overall plan to make visiting the company’s main North American assembly plants a memorable experience. And, they hinted, there was more to come.

This year, the plant is in the early stages of a US$42 million expansion project that will significantly increase its production capacity to keep pace with demand for machines.

Currently, customers who purchase new mid- or high-horsepower AGCO tractors or sprayers can get their dealer to arrange a visit to the Jackson plant so they can see their personal machine on the assembly line.

“We have our theatre where we show a short introduction movie welcoming the customers and visitors,” says Jay Mulso, manager of visitor services at Jackson. “Then they go into the plant tour, which takes about two hours. The Intivity Center is basically the last thing they see on the tour.”

Plant staff will accompany customers throughout the tour and take photos for them. Later, customers get to log into a special section of the Jackson plant’s online website with a password to download those images.

The plant builds 7600 and 8600 Series Massey Ferguson tractors, MT500 and MT600 Challengers, tracked MT700 and MT800 models and articulated MT900 tractors along with RoGator and TerraGator sprayers.

“There’s a small window of time they can see their tractor (or sprayer) on the line,” explains Mulso. “It’s not on there long. Usually we can coordinate and get them (customers) here at the time its just coming off the line. We’ll move it out to the test track and they’ll get a chance to actually drive their tractor.”

Even though staff at the Jackson plant have been accommodating visitors and customers at the plant for a while now, there is something new on the horizon. AGCO is getting ready to introduce an updated customer visit program at the facility, the details of what the enhanced visit will include arde due to be released soon. And Mulso isn’t giving too many details away just yet.

“There’s more to come on that,” he says. “There is going to be a more formal experience we’re getting ready to roll out this summer. †



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