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Great Plains Introduces New No-Till Drill

After two years in development, Great Plains Manufacturing Co. of Salina, Kansas, introduced their 3007HD no-till air drill to the marketplace this past summer. The company designed this drill to be heavy enough to deal with a very wide variety of soils and handle both small and large-seeded crops. “We’ve married as much planter technology into this drill as we can,” says Greg Brenneman, marketing manager for Great Plains

“The 3007HD is designed to keep farmers going longer between stops to refill, too,” he says. “Two 100-bushel, bulk hoppers provide 200 bushels of bulk seed capacity or the ability to carry 100 bushels each of seed and dry fertilizer.”

The 3007HD is only available in a 30-foot width, with six, 7.5 and 10-inch row spacings. And it folds down into a remarkably narrow 10-foot transport width. Brenneman notes that compact design allows the company to market the 3007HD into a variety of countries where transport dimensions are typically more restrictive than in North America. And it offers an advantage here, too, making road transport safer and easier.

The drill uses the company’s 07HD independently-linked opener, which is a heavy-duty design and can be adjusted to use up to 240 pounds of hydraulic down pressure. The double-disc system includes the company’s standard Clear-Shot planter seed tube to ensure seeds are gently and accurately placed at the bottom of the seed trench. Keeton Seed firmers are also available as an option.

The opener is available with or without a leading coulter disc to cut into heavy residue or compacted soil. “In some situations you may not need a coulter to cut residue,” says Brenneman. “But it does offer an advantage. The coulter cuts residue to avoid hair pinning,” he says. And it is available in two different designs. The fluted design minimizes soil disturbance, while the turbo version is more aggressive.

There is also a choice of four different packing-wheel options. The different wheels offer the ability to tailor the opener to a farm’s specific conditions, allowing producers to deal with damp or dry conditions, wide row spacing requirements or the need leave soil loose above the seed row for improved emergence. “We can really custom tailor a drill,” says Brenneman.

“We also recognized the fact that a 30-foot drill has a big footprint and that the center tires carry a lot of weight when the planter is folded down to just 10 feet,” Brenneman says. “So we equipped the center frame with eight, 15 by 19.5 tires, while allowing the wings to float on four 15 by 16.5 tires. The heavy-duty tires also reduce the puncture risk, particularly from corn stubble.”

The 3007HD is designed for single- shoot applications and is also available with variable rate technology. And Brenneman adds the turbo- style coulter on the opener has proven to be very effective in incorporating broadcast urea applied ahead of the seeding pass without blending it with the seed row, minimizing volatilization losses while avoiding seedling damage.

Great Plains is still growing its dealer network in Canada. To find one near you, visit the company’s website,


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The 3007HD is designed for single-shoot applications and is also available with variable rate technology

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