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Bourgault updates its seeding line

A new 7000 Series air cart and a floatation option for 3320 PHD and 3710 ICD drills are among the new features announced

The large-tire, floatation feature introduced on the 86-foot version of the 3320 PHD drill last June will be available on smaller versions of the 3320 and the 60-foot 3710 drill for the 2014 season.

Last June at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, Bourgault debuted its new, wider, 86-foot 3320 PHD drill with an improved floatation feature that included 800/65R32 tires mounted on a steerable front axle and dual 16.5×16.1 tires at the rear. For those farmers who took the time to give it a once over, many had one question: will that floatation feature be available on other sizes of 3320 PHDs too?

The answer came in a recent press release, and it turns out it’s yes. Bourgault will now include that option on the 60-, 66-, and 76-foot versions of the 3320 PHD along with the 60-foot 3710 Independent Coulter Drill. Just like the 86-foot version of the 3320, 800/65R32 tires will be incorporated on the mainframe and 540/65R24 single casters will be utilized on the wings. But you’ll have to wait for the 2014 model year to take delivery of one.

An air cart too

The company also had other news to talk about: it’s adding another air cart to its 7000 Series, which so far has only included the high-capacity 7950. That cart now gets a little brother with the introduction of the 700-bushel 7700.

The 7700 replaces the 6700 and gets all the same upgraded features as the larger 7950. It is available in a three or four compartment configuration, which includes the company’s FLEX bin feature. Product placed in the 60-bushel, non-metred tank can be directed to the meter used by either of two other compartments (with 295- and 105-bushel sizes) to provide some flexibility with product capacities.

A 40-bushel canola saddle tank is available. For convenience, a platform next to it is designed to store a pallet of additional bagged seed.

Because a loaded 7700 represents a lot of weight, it can be ordered with optional hydraulic brakes controlled by the tractor’s brake pedal or a separate controller. These carts also get the new PDM Pro (Positive Displacement Metering) meter that is more resistant to build up when used with sticky product.

To control them, 7700s get X30 monitors, which have 12.1-inch screens. An additional, stand-alone, 7-inch monitor comes with the optional camera system. Four views can be displayed on the screen at once. It’s linked to cameras in each compartment so operators can keep an eye on the product as it meters out. A rear-view camera allows operators to see traffic approaching from behind during road transport.

The new carts ride on 710/70R42 front tires and 850/80R38 single rears, which have a ground pressure rating of 17 p.s.i., front and rear. Or buyers can select the 710/70R42 rear dual option. That drops the p.s.i. rating at the back to 12.

To load or unload, the 7700s offer a choice of a remote controlled 12-inch auger or a conveyor with a 15-inch belt. There is a hydraulic bag lift option, except when the cart is equipped with a saddle tank.

Bourgault also reported that its work on developing a section control feature is progressing well. It will have a few units undergoing field trials again this year. But as yet, no official release date has been set. †

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