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The lump buster

This new farm invention from Rainy Day Fabricating could take some of the 
frustration out of seeding

This winter was Keith Putnam’s first year on the farm show circuit, and he seemed to be having a good time at the Brandon Ag Show, talking about his new “Lump Buster.”

The Lump Buster is a machine that fits into a special-made hopper under your bin — just the right spot to break up fertilizer lumps between the bin and your auger.

Putnam says the Lump Buster will break up fertilizer lumps to about the size of a pea, and without turning your fertilizer to powder.

The Lump Buster consists of steel fingers welded onto a number of rotating shafts. The small units have 420 of these steel fingers. The rotating speed is variable, for use with different sized augers.

The hydraulics for the Lump Buster are designed to be run with a bin sweep motor, which many farms already have.

The unit comes in three sizes: small for six-, seven- and eight-inch augers, medium for eight- and 10-inch augers, and a large unit for commercial use.

The Lump Buster is designed to be used with “The Hopper” — a grain hopper specially designed to mould itself to the bottom of a hopper bin to stop grain from spilling and avoid wind when you’re moving grain. It attaches to most types of augers with ratchet straps.

The Hopper is made of 15-gauge metal and two-ply belting. They’re manufactured by KEJA Farms at Assiniboia, Sask.

Rainy Day Fabricating

Like most farm innovations, the Lump Buster was created by a farmer who saw a need on his own farm.

“The whole thing came about when I had an idea,” Putnam says. “On a rainy day one fall, we got a sheet of metal and started making the first one.” As you can guess, that’s where they got the company name, Rainy Day Fabricating.

The next spring, Putman says, “We seeded a thousand acres and never had to screen a ton of fertilizer.”

The smallest Lump Buster unit, in black iron, costs $5,400, plus $750 for The Hopper. The stainless steel Lump Buster sells for $7,400; a stainless steel Hopper is $950. †

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