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New Products Target Fusarium, Wireworms

Fusarium head blight (FHB) isn’t the only crop disease out there, but it is an increasingly serious one, three crop protection companies are targeting in 2011 with new foliar and seed-applied products.

Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta Canada and BASF Canada all have introduced products for the coming year, that help suppress or reduce the impact of the disease that affects primarily wheat and barley crops across Western Canada.

A well-established and problematic cereal disease that Manitoba growers have wrestled to manage for several years, fusarium continues its spread west into Saskatchewan and Alberta. Farmers and disease specialists alike say FHB, which reduces yield and spoils crop quality, has potential to spread over more acres as farmers head out to wet and in some cases water-logged field conditions for the 2011 seeding season.

Along with FHB treatments, companies are also offering new products for control of other disease and insect pests.


Prosaro is new foliar fungicide treatment from Bayer Crop Science (BSC), says Graham Hastie, manager, cereal crops fungicides/insecticides and seed treatments. Applied at the early flowering stage of wheat and just after head emergence in barley, it protects the florets from FHB infection through the grain fill period.

With active ingredients prothioconazole and tebuconazole, Prosaro provides suppression of fusarium head blight, and controls other leaf diseases such as net blotch, powdery mildew, scald, stem rust and stripe rust.

While Folicur isn’t a new product, Folicur EW is a new formulation of the fungicide from Bayer applied as a foliar spray to control fusarium head blight and other leaf diseases, says Hastie. Folicur EW can be used in all cereals including barley and oats, and not just wheat, and no surfactant is needed.

Raxil WW is also available from Bayer in 2011 as an effective water-based seed treatment against wireworm damage in cereals. With studies showing wireworm found across all soil types in Western Canada, Hastie says Raxil WW is effective at knocking the pest out which stops feeding during a critical crop growth stage. Raxil WW, which can be farm or commercially applied, is a combination of the Raxil MD combined with StressShield. “None of the technologies registered today directly control wireworm,” says Hastie. “But Raxil WW offers a tool to manage wireworm feeding.”

Among other Bayer crop protection products, Stratego, a well-established foliar applied fungicide for a wide range of leaf diseases, has now had a registration expansion to include soybeans, and Proline, a fungicide used in canola and cereals in Western Canada, can now be used on corn in Eastern Canada.


Syngenta Canada is introducing Proseed, a product packaged with its CruiserMaxx Cereal as an enhanced seed treatment for managing seed and soil borne fusarium head blight infection in wheat and barley.

Proseed, contains the phenylpyrrole active ingredient fludioxonil. Ted Lebun, technical field manager for Syngenta Canada says it is actually the first seed treatment product against fusarium head blight in cereals providing two fungicides with two different modes of action and uptake.

Proseed in combination with CruiserMaxx Cereal protects the seed against seed and soil borne fusarium head blight, protection against early season cereal pests such as wireworm and European chafer, as well as providing seeds, roots and seedlings with broad spectrum protection and control against 16 other early seed and soil borne diseases.

CruiserMaxx with Proseed is a commercially applied seed treatment available from seed retailers. “With an increasing risk of fusarium head blight in

many parts of Western Canada, producers can improve management against the disease by protecting high quality certified seed with an effective seed treatment,” says Lebun.

Lebun says Syngenta is working to introduce other new effective pulse and cereal fungicide products to the market in 2012.


BASF is introducing Caramba foliar fungicide treatment for protection against fusarium head blight in cereals to Western Canadian farmers in 2011.

With the active ingredient metconazole, which is part of the triazole family of fungicides, Caramba is a systemic fungicide providing FHB protection to wheat, oats, barley and rye, says Scott Chapman, marketing manager, fungicides and seedsolutions.

“Caramba provides the best protection against fusarium head blight combined with premium leaf disease control,” says Chapman.

In wheat, oats and rye, the product should be applied at the 20 per cent flowering stage, and in barley ideal timing is from full head emergence up to three days after full emergence of the main stem heads.

BASF also is working to introduce Xemium, a foliar fungicide for pulse crops, and Twinline, an effective new leaf disease treatment for wheat and barley in 2012.

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Proseed is the first seed treatment product targeting fusarium head blight and has two modes of action and uptake

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