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Winter Wheat And Crop Insurance Deadlines

In some provinces seeding winter wheat after the seeding deadline doesn’t necessarily mean that the crop isn’t insured, but it does vary by province, so farmers should always check with their local insurers to be sure. Following are the crop insurance rules for winter wheat for the Prairie Provinces:


Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation confirmed that if farmers seed a winter wheat crop after the September 15th deadline, they will not be eligible for winter kill coverage for overwinter losses but if the crop is inspected the following spring as viable, they can claim yield loss coverage if something happens to the maturing crop.


The Agriculture Financial Services Corporation of Alberta have moved seeding deadlines to September 20th (north of the Bow River) and September 30th (south of the Bow River) in recognition of the different climatic and agronomic variability within the province. Because of this no winter wheat seeded after the deadline is insurable. They do, however, offer a straight hail insurance coverage in season as long as the crop is viable.


Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation says that no crop seeded after the seeding deadline is insurable. For winter wheat, the deadline is September 15th for full coverage. Crops may still be seeded between September 16th and 20th, but will have a 20 per cent reduction in coverage. It should also be noted that in Manitoba winter crops have to be seeded into eligible stubble to receive full insurance coverage.



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