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Canola left out in your field? Make it count

Canola left out in your field? Make it count

You probably don’t even want to think about that canola that’s still out in the field this winter. But someone else is thinking about it.

The Canadian Grain Commission is studying the impact of snow on canola quality. They’re looking for samples of canola from the 2016 growing year that has overwintered.

CGC researchers are looking at how canola’s end-use qualities are impacted by a winter out in the snow. Knowing all the technical details will be helpful for our buyers, and useful for everyone in future years.

At least something good can come from your unlucky situation.

To do your part, email Dr. Veronique Barthet ([email protected]) or Twylla McKendry ([email protected]). They’ll mail you an envelope and a consent card.

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