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The Rebate And Reward Rundown For 2011

Grower reward and rebate programs for 2011 have changed substantially. If one of the criteria you use for choosing a pesticide is manufacturer programming, you will find some companies have reduced or even dropped their reward programs. Other companies have increased their offers. In fact, every company which offered a rebate last year has made […] Read more

Traxos Offers Speedy Kill Of Grassy Weeds

Traxos is a new Group 1 herbicide from Syngenta offering increased speed of kill of wild oats, green and yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Persian darnel, proso millet, volunteer canary seed and volunteer tame oats in spring wheat and durum. In on-farm research trials, Andrea McConnell, Syngenta cereal herbicide brand manager, said all the farmer co-operators […] Read more

Fusarium Is In Alberta. Now What?

The Alberta Fusarium Graminearum Management Plan describes fusarium graminearum as “the most destructive fungal disease of wheat and barley in Canada.” It also claimed (in 2002) that “Alberta is currently free from any fusarium head blight outbreaks caused by fusarium graminearum” and that the management plan was implemented to “prevent the establishment of fusarium graminearum […] Read more

Four Ways To Use The Herbicide Wall Chart

Grainews and Dow Agro-Sciences have joined forces to provide you with a comprehensive wall chart to assist in making herbicide selections this year. This easy-to-use chart is included in this issue of Grainews. Simply unfold the chart, hang it in the office, or chemical shed or the place where you make herbicide selection decisions. It […] Read more

Don’t Ignore Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Herbicide resistant weeds in Western Canada This list is compiled from number in brackets is the herbicide group to which resistance has been confirmed. Wild buckwheat (2) Wild oats (1) (2) (8) (multiple groups) Common hempnettle (2) (4) False cleavers (2) (4) (multiple groups) Kochia (2) Ball mustard (2) Green foxtail (1) (2) (multiple […] Read more

Power Up Your Pre-Seed Burn-Off

A pre-seed application of glyphosate is now standard practice for growers who direct seed. Research has confirmed this practice pays big dividends. Data gathered from Canola Production Centre trials found a spring pre-seed burnoff application resulted in canola yields increasing by 15 per cent. A 2007 study by Sapsford, Holm, Johnson and Cleary in Saskatchewan […] Read more

Loyalty And Rebate Programs For 2010

Most years there is an obvious trend noted when looking at announced changes to reward and rebate programs that manufacturers offer. In some years growers notice an increase in offers by manufacturers. Other years it seems most manufacturers reduce the number of offers. Typically though, in any given year, manufacturers that offer reward or rebate […] Read more

Are We Seeding Weeds?

Introduction of herbicide tolerant crops came with the promise of easier, cheaper and better weed control. Growers, especially those using zero tillage, now find that some of their worst weed problems are herbicide-tolerant volunteers from previous crops and/or plants growing from seeds the grower was unaware carried herbicide tolerant traits. Martin Entz, professor with the […] Read more

Pesticide Update For 2010

UAP NEW FORMULATION NEW BRANDS LABEL CHANGES S Product name Attain XC Barricade DB 6654 PP-1254 PP-31155 PP-39-147 PP-E32-179 Prestige XC Puma Advance Stellar Thumper Total Tundra Product name Cordon Echo Legend NextStep Pace Polaris Sierra Vigil Product name Allegro 500F Company Dow AgroSciences DuPont DuPont Dow AgroSciences Bayer CropScience Dow AgroSciences Bayer CropScience Bayer […] Read more