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The Rebate And Reward Rundown For 2011

Grower reward and rebate programs for 2011 have changed substantially. If one of the criteria you use for choosing a pesticide is manufacturer programming, you will find some companies have reduced or even dropped their reward programs. Other companies have increased their offers. In fact, every company which offered a rebate last year has made changes to their programs.

Many companies are also offering early purchase discounts this year. Significant savings could have be had by purchasing your crop input needs well before the growing season begins. The deadline for some of these has passed, however, they are still included here to give you a heads up on what might be available in the fall and early winter of 2011.

Further information on these programs is available from your local company representative. Most companies have also put details of their programming on their web-sites. In most cases a farmer can find out more by calling the grower support telephone number that most companies offer.

Here are the 2011 grower programs in alphabetical order.


Arysta LifeScience is offering two new reward programs for 2011 as well as offering a couple of purchase programs.

The Pre-Pare Burndown Bundle offers farmers a cash back or credit on account of up to $4 per acre or up to $320 per jug of Pre-Pare when it is purchased with the corresponding acreage amount of a glyphosate brand of the retailer’s choice. Purchases of the Pre-Pare/ glyphosate combo must be made at the same retailer between Dec. 1, 2010 and May 15, 2011.

The Everest Mate Rebate offer provides farmers who use an Everest/Frontline XL, Everest/ Frontline 2,4-D, Everest /Stellar or Everest /Prestige tank mixes a cash rebate of up to $1.50 an acre. Farmers must purchase at least 200 acres of Everest and an eligible tank mix partner between Dec. 1, 2010 and Jun. 30, 2011.

Check with your retailer on the deadlines for this one, but farmers who purchased an Everest Smartboys (30 specially packaged jugs of Everest) prior to Jan. 31, 2011 received an instant discount of $3,000. Farmers who purchased and took delivery of Everest and Everest GBX between Dec. 1, 2010 and Jan. 31, 2011 are eligible for an instant discount or credit on account of $50 per jug of Everest and $100 per case of Everest GBX.

Participating retailers have full details of these Arysta LifeScience programs.


BASF’s GrowForward Rewards program returns for 2011 — again with three steps. The biggest changes to the program this year is the addition of some new BASF products, as well as a reduction to the rebate rates.

First, in order to qualify for the program, a farmer must purchase a minimum 300 acres of any one or combined total of: Banvel II, Charter RTU, Equinox, Gemini, Gladiator, Headline, Heat, Lance, Pursuit or Clearfield Production System seed. Seed purchases are worth double the acres so a 150 acre seed purchase will qualify you for the GrowForward savings.

Second, the total acres of qualifying purchases will determine the saving percentage you are eligible for on purchases of the following herbicide brands: Odyssey, Odyssey DLX, Viper, Solo, Tensile, Absolute, DyVel, DyVel DSp, Altitude FX, Adrenalin SC, Basagran, Basagran Forte and FlaxMax DLX. A new addition for 2011 is the inclusion of Caramba fungicide where acres of Caramba purchased will count as qualifying acres to save on Headline and Lance fungicides. Rebates start at two per cent for 300 acres of qualifying purchases and increase in increments to five per cent, if you have 7,500 acres or more of qualifying purchases.

Third, each acre of product purchased in the second step will further qualify you for four acres of savings of 15 per cent on Headline and 20 per cent savings on Lance fungicides. In other words, if you purchase a case of a product that treats 40 acres, you then qualify for the discount or rebate on 160 acres worth of fungicide.

BASF has also refined their seed treatment and DyVel offer by including fungicide purchases. A purchase of a minimum 300 acres of any Clearfield crop and/or BASF fungicide qualifies the grower to receive $1 per acre off all purchases of BASF fungicides, DyVel and DyVel DSp used on your farm.

For all BASF rewards, products must be purchased between Oct. 1, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2011 to qualify.

Growers must have also submitted a signed consent form (available through retailers) by Nov. 30, 2011 in order to receive a rebate. Further information is available by calling BASF AgSolutions at 1-877- 371-2273.


The BayerValue Program has been redesigned for 2011. Gone are There are early booking benefits and cumulative reward programs in place for 2011. Ask your local retailer for more details.

the $1 per acre rewards farmers previously received for using select Bayer CropScience products. Instead, the rewards will now be a percentage of the suggested retail price of specific Bayer pesticides purchased. The rebate percentage will vary depending upon the product purchased and the total value of purchases.

There are still two components to the BayerValue Program. The Early Booking component rewards growers who book InVigor canola hybrid seed prior to Jan. 31, 2011. Growers earn savings of 10 per cent on Infinity, eight per cent on Folicur or Prosaro, 20 per cent on Decis or Sevin XLR, and up to 25 per cent on Raxil or Trilex AL on a matching number of acres to their seed purchase. A purchase of 200 acres or more of InVigor also qualifies a grower for savings of 15 per cent on all Proline purchases. A purchase of 200 acres of InVigor plus 480 acres or more of Proline qualifies for a 25 per cent savings on all Proline purchases.

The other component of the BayerValue Program is called Bayer Rewards. There are three levels of savings possible. Farmers qualify for the first level by purchasing $10,000 or more of Bayer CropScience products at the suggested retail price. The second level requires a purchase of $40,000 or more. The top level requires a purchase of $75,000 or more.

Under the Rewards segment, farmers will receive a rebate of two per cent, three per cent or four per cent on Tundra and Velocity m3. They will get a four per cent, eight per cent or 12 per cent savings on Infinity, Folicur, and Prosaro purchases. The reward is 10 per cent, 15 per cent or 20 per cent for Decis and Sevin XLR purchases. Farmers will earn 15 per cent, 20 per cent or 25 per cent on all Raxil brands and Trilex AL.

Farmers can combine the Early Booking InVigor and Bayer Rewards segments to maximize their rewards. However, rebates on Raxil formulations and Trilex AL are limited to a maximum of $1 per acre and savings on Decis and Sevin XLR are capped at $1.25 per acre.

Farmers who participated in the 2006- 10 BayerValue programs are automatically re-enrolled for 2011. New growers must contact the Bayer CropScience Rebate Fulfillment Interaction Center at 1-888-283-6847 before May 1, 2011 to register for rewards. All Bayer CropScience products purchased between Oct. 1, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2011 qualify for savings.


Dow AgroSciences has replaced their Grower Offer program which has been offered for the past three years with a new set of rewards called Dividends. Instead of rewards being calculated on a percentage of total dollar purchases, rewards will now shift to a dollars per acre type payment. The actual amount per acre is dependent on the mix of Dow AgroSciences products a farmer uses.

Dow AgroSciences products have been categorized into four groups. The first group of cereal grass products includes Tandem, Simplicity and Liquid Achieve. A farmer must use a minimum 320 acres of any one or combination of these three herbicides to qualify for a rebate. Once qualified, a farmer can earn a rebate by matching those qualifying acres with purchases of a Dow AgroSciences cereal broadleaf product and/or a canola and special crop product. Dow AgroSciences glyphosate products make up the fourth category and, if purchased, will increase any reward the grower has qualified for.

There are two complementary programs which will increase the Dividends rewards — Bulk up and Signing Dividends.

The Bulk Up component works this way: Purchases of bulk packaged Tandem, Simplicity or Liquid Achieve before Feb. 15th, 2011 will increase the reward by up to $1.50 an acre. Rebates also increase if you purchase bulk package purchase of PrePass before March 15, 2011, or Attain XC, Benchmark, Frontline XL or Prestige XC before Apr. 15th.

Signing Dividends works this way: Farmrs who signed a Nexera contract prior to Nov. 30, 2010 qualify for an additional $3 per acre savings through Signing Dividends component.

A grower participating in all components of Dividends could save up to $8.50 an acre on their Dow AgroSciences purchases.

A Dividends calculator can be found at which will help growers estimate their rebate under this new program.

Growers who have not previously completed an offer form giving Dow AgroSciences permission to collect the information needed for calculating the rebate must do so before Nov. 30, 2011. Further information is available by calling the Dow AgroSciences Solutions Center at 1-800-667-3852.


DuPont is also offering a totally new reward program in 2011. This new program is called the DuPont FarmCare Connect Grower Program. To qualify, a grower must purchase at least 14 bags of Pioneer Hi-Bred canola seed between Sept. 1, 2010 and Jul. 25, 2011.

The total value of the Pioneer canola seed purchased plus the value of all DuPont crop protection products purchased determines the rebate. A total purchase of $6,000 entitles the grower to a rebate of one per cent. The rebate percentage grows incrementally to a maximum 12 per cent for growers purchasing $100,000 or more of Pioneer canola seed and select DuPont crop protection products.

To earn a rebate, a grower must enroll by filling out a FarmCare Connect form available through a DuPont sales rep, a Pioneer Hi-Bred rep or select Independent dealer or Co-op retailer before Apr. 15, 2011. For more information on this new program call 1-800- 667-3925


MANA Canada is part of the North American arm of the largest agrochemical, off-patent manufacturer in the world. MANA refrains from offering any rebate or reward programs


Monsanto’s Roundup brands have no formal grower program for 2011, but continue to “offer industry leading guarantees for product performance in addition to new lower pricing,” according to the company.

Dekalb, the seed division of Monsanto, will be offering early purchase discounts on Dekalb brand seed. As well, Dekalb has partnered with Agrium with an ESN offer for purchasers of Dekalb canola and corn seed as well as with Agricard for interest free purchases of seed purchases until Oct. 31, 2011. Farmers talk to their retailer for more information on these programs.


Ever since entering the Canadian market, NuFarm has maintained its strategy of “No programs, No rebates, No bundles, No hassle!” NuFarm does offer seasonal sales and special offers from time to time.


Syngenta’s Partner Program is the only existing program that remains relatively unchanged from last year, however some of the graminicides that allowed you to qualify for the program last year have been dropped. The other change is a new top level rebate has been created. This year growers using $150,000 or more of Syngenta pesticides can earn a rebate of nine per cent.

To qualify, growers must purchase a combined minimum of 320 acres of any of the following products: Axial, Traxos, Horizon NG, Broadband, Sierra, and/or Axial iPak or by purchasing a combined minimum of 960 acres of Pulsar and/or Target.

Rebates are calculated by totaling the purchases of the above products plus purchases of most other Syngenta seed, seed care, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. A total purchase value of $10,000 earns a grower a three per cent rebate and this increases incrementally. Helix Xtra and Traxion can be used as builder products to increase the rebate.

Syngenta is also offering the Pre-Seed Bonus program again. Growers applying Touchdown Total, Traxion, Takkle or Pace can save $1 per acre on matching acres of Syngenta seed treatments.

Growers who participated in the 2010 partner program are registered for 2011. Growers who did not receive a rebate in 2010 should call the Syngenta Redemption Center at 1-877-964-3682 prior to Sept. 30, 2011.


UAP Canada states that farmers tell them they prefer net pricing to bundling programs. As such UAP offers no bundling programs.


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