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Traxos Offers Speedy Kill Of Grassy Weeds

Traxos is a new Group 1 herbicide from Syngenta offering increased speed of kill of wild oats, green and yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, Persian darnel, proso millet, volunteer canary seed and volunteer tame oats in spring wheat and durum. In on-farm research trials, Andrea McConnell, Syngenta cereal herbicide brand manager, said all the farmer co-operators involved in the trials commented on how fast this herbicide works. Ed Thiessen, Syngenta technical crop manager says, “Wild oats and Persian darnel stop growing within 48 hours of treatment.”

Traxos also allows farmers a wide choice of tank mix options including broadleaf product Pulsar, new to the Syngenta line up last year. Other broadleaf tank mix choices include Benchmark, Buctril M, Curtail M, Infinity, Trophy, Prestige and Mextrol.

Farmers can also tank mix Traxos with the fungicide Tilt and the insecticide Matador.

These tank mix options make Traxos a good fit for farmers in the brown soil zone, and this is where the product will be primarily targeted for its launch in 2011. It has already received PMRA approval, and registration is expected for use in all soil zones on the Prairies by next spring.


According to McConnell, Traxos is a new formulation of two proven Group one actives, clodinafop (Horizon) and pinoxaden (Axial), combined with a new adjuvant that stabilizes and activates the chemistries. This built-in adjuvant not only hastens, but also enhances annual grassy weed control. “Growers will see fast, more effective control of grassy weeds,” says McConnell.

Traxos is applied in spring wheat and durum crops at a rate of 500 ml per acre in five to 10 gallons of water per acre (50-100 L/ha). It can also be applied by air with three gallons of water per acre. It can be safely applied from the first leaf of the crop, all the way up to the fourth tiller. Traxos should be applied at the one to six leaf stage prior to the fourth tiller of wild oats and at the one to five leaf stage of the other grassy weeds listed on the label.

Traxos will be available in 40-acre cases as well as 160-acre drums from most major crop input retailers. Pricing is yet to be determined but is expected to fall somewhere between Horizon and Axial.

To commemorate the launch of Traxos, Syngenta is giving farmers who use Traxos next spring the chance to win a customized Harley Davidson Soft Tail motorcycle. For each 320 acres worth of Traxos purchased prior to July 15, 2011, farmers will receive one entry for the draw for this motorcycle. The draw will take place in the fall of 2011.


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