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Loyalty And Rebate Programs For 2010

Most years there is an obvious trend noted when looking at announced changes to reward and rebate programs that manufacturers offer. In some years growers notice an increase in offers by manufacturers. Other years it seems most manufacturers reduce the number of offers. Typically though, in any given year, manufacturers that offer reward or rebate programs tend to all follow the same trend or pattern with respect to programming.

This year, however, there is no direction to program offers. Some companies have made no changes. Other companies have increased the number of offers. Still other manufacturers have reduced programming. Nearly all the companies that offered programs in 2009 have tweaked their program rules with changes in products that qualify, changes in program dates and/or program refund rates. Program strategies growers may have used last year to minimize their pesticide costs may not work this year. If you are a grower who considers pesticide programming when choosing the pesticide products you purchase, prepare to spend some additional time this year in reviewing the programs offered by all the manufacturers.


Arysta LifeScience is not offering any manufacturer rebate programs for 2010


BASF’s GrowForward program returns for 2010. By participating in this program growers can save up to 20 per cent on select BASF products.

The purchase of a minimum 300 acres worth of BASF products from a group of qualifying group products (Clearfield seed, Gemini or Charter RTU seed treatments, Equinox, DyVel, DyVel DSp, or Banvel II herbicide and/or Headline or Lance fungicide) earns growers 4 per cent savings on matching acres of a second group of products (Odyssey brands, Viper, FlaxMax DLX, Solo, Tensile, Absolute, Altitude Adrenalin, Basagran Forte, Basagran, DyVel, or DyVel DSp). Growers can then use purchases from the second group of products to earn savings of 18 per cent on Headline and 20 per cent on Lance. Each acre purchased of the second group of products qualifies a grower for four acres worth of savings on Headline and Lance.

Qualifying Clearfield seed purchases are credited for double the acreage of seed purchased, so a 150-acre purchase of Clearfield seed is enough to meet the 300-acre minimum required for the GrowForward program

As the number of qualifying acres increase, the saving rates increases incrementally up to a maximum of 10 per cent savings on purchases of 5,500 acres worth of qualifying BASF products.

BASF is also continuing the Clearfield Advantage Program which provides additional awards over and above those earned through GrowForward. By completing the Clearfield Commitment form, a grower earns $2 per acre on matching acres of registered herbicides applied to Clearfield canola, Clearfield XCEED and Clearfield sunflowers.

Under the Clearfield Advantage Program, with the purchase of any Clearfield crop, growers also save $1 per acre on Gemini, Charter RTU, DyVel DSp, and DyVel for all cereal acres.

Finally, BASF now offers 100 per cent re-spray coverage of Odyssey DLX or Absolute in the event of grassy weed control failure when these products are used on Clearfield canola, 100 per cent re-spray coverage for Odyssey DLX in the event of grassy weed control failure in Clearfield lentils, and 100 per cent re-spray coverage for Altitude FX in the event of broadleaf weed control failure in Clearfield wheat.

To qualify for rewards, all BASF products must be purchased between October 1, 2009 and September 30, 2010.

To participate in the 2010 BASF Clearfield Advantage program or to include Clearfield crops as qualifying purchases in the GrowForward program, growers must have submitted a signed Clearfield commitment form to BASF by July 8, 2010. To participate in the GrowForward Program all growers must have submitted a signed PIPEDA (personal privacy) form to BASF previously. Growers who have not provided this document to BASF in the past have until November 30, 2010 to do so in order to participate in GrowForward in 2010.

Further information is available at your local agriculture pesticide retailer or by calling BASF AgSolutions at 1-877-371-2273.


The BayerValue Program is again being offered in 2010. Growers who participated in the 2006-2009 BayerValue programs are automatically re-enrolled for 2010. New growers must contact the Bayer CropScience Rebate Fulfillment Interaction Center at 1-888-283-6847 before May 1, 2010 to register for rewards.

All Bayer CropScience products purchased between October 1, 2009 and September 30, 2010 qualify for savings.

As before, there are two components in the BayerValue Program. Under the Early Book InVigor program growers who signed up by January 30, 2010 are eligible for a rebate of $1 per acre on purchases of Infinity, $2 per acre on Velocity m3, $3 per acre on Folicur, $3 per acre on Proline or Rovral Flo, $1

peracre on Trilex AL, $2 per acre on Tundra and $1 per acre on Puma Advance purchases. Rebates are limited to the total number of InVigor hybrid canola acres booked and purchased.

The 2010 Puma Tank Mix Bonus allows growers purchasing Puma 120 Super to save $1 per acre on matching Infinity, Buctril M or Thumper acres.

Under the Puma Loyalty Bonus, growers who used Puma 120 Super in 2008 or 2009 qualify for an extra $1 per acre savings on the purchase of Puma Advance and $2 per acre on purchases of Tundra.

Under the 2010 Cereal Program, a purchase of a minimum 300 acres worth of Puma brand, Tundra or Velocity m3 plus Buctril M, Thumper, Statego, Centurion, Infinity, Infinity iPak or Thumper Total qualifies the grower for a $3 per acre rebate on matching acres of Folicur, a $3 per acre rebate on matching acres of Proline, a $1 per acre rebate on matching acres of Raxil, and a $1 per acre rebate on matching acres of Trilex AL.


The Dow AgroSciences Grower Offer, introduced in 2008, will be continued in 2010. Under this program the more qualifying Dow AgroSciences products you purchase between December 1, 2009 and November 30, 2010, the more you save on eligible Dow AgroSciences products. There are 24 Dow AgroSciences pesticides that can be used as qualifying purchases. Nexera canola is a qualifying purchase, as well.

Growers pending $10,000 on any combination of qualifying products will save 2 per cent on 17 Dow AgroSciences products and get a $0.20 savings per litre on Vantage Plus Max and Vantage Plus Max II. This savings rate increases incrementally with increased purchases of qualifying products to a maximum savings of 8 per cent and $0.80 cents per litre when over $180,000 worth of Dow AgroSciences products are purchased.

New for 2010 is an additional 1% savings on eligible Dow AgroSciences products if Nexera canola is contracted and is one of the qualifying products purchased. This raises the maximum savings rate to 9% and $0.90 per litre.

To participate in the Dow AgroSciences Grower Offer you must be registered. Growers who were previously registered for a Dow AgroSciences grower offer are automatically enroled in the 2010 grower offer. Growers who have not previously registered for Dow AgroSciences offer can participate by calling Dow AgroSciences Solutions Center at 1-800-667-9852.

Also introduced in 2010 is the new Dow AgroSciences Bulk Up Program. Under this program, Growers who commit to purchase bulk Dow AgroSciences Broadleaf products before March 31, 2010 qualify for a rebate in addition to the Grower Offer. Growers who make a purchase commitment for a PrePass 800 pallet (800 acres of PrePass) prior to March 8, 2010, will qualify for an additional $400 rebate, a pallet of Attain XC (960-1280 acres) returns $640, a pallet of Prestige XC (480-640 acres) rebates $360, a pallet of Benchmark (800 acres) earns growers $400, and buying a drum of Frontline XL (240 acres) will save growers $120.

Dow AgroSciences has also introduced the Tank Mix Bonus program this year. Purchasing a minimum 480 acres worth of a Dow AgroSciences cereal grass control product along with matching acres of a Dow AgroSciences broad-leaf product between December 1, 2009 and July 31, 2010 earns a grower a rebate of between $1.30 and $2 per acre, depending on the tank mix products chosen and the application rate of the products. This offer is in addition to the Dow AgroSciences Grower Offer. To qualify for the Tank Mix Bonus program, all growers must complete and submit a Tank Mix Bonus registration form before March 31, 2010.


DuPont has made a major change to their rewards programming this year. DuPont is no longer offering its FarmCare Program in Western Canada in 2010. Instead, DuPont has introduced the DuPont Harmony Instant Discount. To be eligible for this discount, growers had to book a minimum of 16 cases or four totes (640 acres) of any Harmony brand(s) prior to March 1, 2010. Booking 640-1,919 acres of Harmony products earns an instant discount of $75 per case at time of purchase. Booking over 1,919 acres of Harmony brand products earns growers $95 per case instant discount. Harmony products must be purchased by June 30, 2010 to qualify for the instant discount.

Purchasing matching acres of Assure II or Express brand herbicides by the same June 30, 2010 deadline increases the instant discount on Harmony products by an additional $10 per case. To qualify for the $10 bonus, growers must also purchase at least 640 acres of Express or Assure II.


MANA Canada is part of the North American arm of the largest agrochemical, off-patent manufacturer in the world. The philosophy of this company continues to be “fair price — brand results.” As such, MANA refrains from offering any rebate or reward programs.


Monsanto again offers growers the Roundup WeatherMAX 2shot program. Roundup Ready canola growers will receive a discount of $3 per litre on Roundup WeatherMAX purchased between December 1, 2009 and November 30, 2010 for matching acres of Roundup Ready canola, soy or corn purchased.

Monsanto’s Risk Share Complete program has changed for 2010. If growers have to take their Genuity Roundup Ready canola acres out of production on or before June 22, 2010 for any reason, Monsanto will refund or credit the grower $12.50 per acre under the 2010 RiskShare Complete program, if the grower has purchased Roundup WeatherMAX between December 1, 2009 and May 31, 2010. Purchases of 0.66 litres of WeatherMAX per acre of canola taken out of production will result in the RiskShare payment being made on 100 per cent of the canola acres that are taken out of production. If only 0.33 litres of WeatherMAX per seeded canola acre were purchased, the RiskShare payment will be restricted to 50 per cent of canola acres taken out of production.

In order to receive a payment under the RiskShare program growers must register their RiskShare Complete claim with Monsanto’s CustomCare line (1-800-667-4944) on or before June 22, 2010.

Monsanto is again offering performance guarantees on Roundup WeatherMAX. If Roundup WeatherMAX fails due to rainfall 30 minutes or more after application Monsanto will refund or credit the initial rate for re-treatment, (640-acre maximum) under the 30-minute rainfast guarantee.

If you have to spray Roundup WeatherMax in tough conditions and satisfactory control is not obtained Monsanto will refund or credit up to the initial use rate for re-treatment under the All Weather Guarantee (640-acre maximum).

If an application of Roundup WeatherMAX is made over the top of any Roundup Ready crop according to label directions and economic crop injury results, Monsanto will refund or credit the initial use rate on the affected areas (640-acre maximum)

Finally, if Roundup WeatherMax is used as a pre-seed burn-down and the crop seeded on the treated acres fails to establish forcing you to re-seed before July 1, 2010 Monsanto will refund or credit the grower for all the Roundup WeatherMAX used on those acres (640-acre maximum).


Ever since entering the Canadian market, NuFarm has had a marketing strategy of “No programs, No rebates, No bundles, No hassle!” Steering clear of rebate programs and bundling products enables NuFarm to focus on low pricing, the company says, however NuFarm does offer seasonal sales and special offers from time to time.


Syngenta’s Partner Program is back for 2010. As in the 2008 and 2009 programs, a purchase of a minimum 320 acres worth of a qualifying graminide (Horizon NG, Broadband, Sierra, Avenge 200-C, Axial iPak, Axial, Liquid Achieve, Harmony SG, or Harmony K, Harmony C, Brigade, Horizon 240 EC, Horizon BTM and/or Shelter) qualifies a grower for a rebate on purchases of most Syngenta seed care products, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides; including new Syngenta products introduced 2010.

Growers will receive a rebate of 3 per cent for a minimum purchase of $10,000 worth of Syngenta products to a maximum 8 per cent rebate on purchases of $100,000 or more.

New for 2010 is a pre-seed bonus offer. Growers applying Touchdown Total and Traxion can save $1 per acre on matching acres of Syngenta seed treatments.

Growers who participated in the 2009 Partner Program are registered for 2010. New growers must register before September 30, 2010 by calling 1-800-964-3682.

To qualify for rebates, products must be purchased between November 1, 2009 and October 31, 2010.


UAP and their retailers keep it simple with competitive net pricing to the grower, no hassles and no rebate forms to forget to send in which costs growers money, the company says.

Gerald Pilger farms near Ohaton, Alta.

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