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Red 4WD Tractors, 1957 – 2017 is a detailed history

A new book for the tractor lover in your life

Red 4WD Tractors, 1957 – 2017 is a detailed history

Lee Klancher’s new book Red 4WD Tractors, 1957 – 2017 is no lightweight, figuratively or literally. (That seems only fitting, given the high-horsepower subject matter.) The large format book runs over 370 pages and includes a more than ample helping of rare photos.

With Red 4WD Tractors, Klancher follows up on his previous book about the evolution of International Harvester combines with this detailed look at the development of four-wheel drive IH and Case tractors, the two brands that merged to form today’s Case IH. It also looks extensively at the Steiger brand, which would eventually become a major part of Case IH heritage too.

Did you know four-wheel drive, front-wheel assist and even six-wheel drive tractors made their first appearances near the beginning of the 20th century? Klancher does, and although his book focuses primarily on the 1957 to 2017 era, it also touches on that early period of design experimentation, including some pretty interesting images from that time.

And just like his earlier work on combines, Klancher includes a look at the brand’s plans to move forward into the future, this time with a discussion about autonomous tractors.

For anyone with an interest in tractors of any colour, this book is visually interesting and a pretty good read. It might make a great Christmas gift for that machinery enthusiast in the family.

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