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Little improvement in early October weather

The Eppich News: Moving some cattle, and trying not to share too much barley with the geese

Horses and some of the cattle gather around the feed trough.

There was no combining the end of September. Instead we worked on fencing projects and started hauling some of our bales home.

Sept. 28: We brought all of our Landis ditch bales home. It’s nice to have them at home instead of in a snow-filled ditch 20 miles away.

Sept. 29: We skinned two of our yearling bulls and hung them up in the meat house.

Sept. 30 : Field conditions were dry enough that Gregory was able to bale our barley and oat straw. That evening it snowed again. Talk about perfect timing!

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Oct. 1: We hauled the straw bales home. Afterward we slipped over to Landis and checked the cows. We got a good look at the calves and realized one of our supposed-to-be steer calves must have broken his band.

Oct. 6: That afternoon John took the combine out to try to harvest some barley. Its still too tough for us to handle but the bit he took off should be OK mixed in with some dry barley, and it will also make it easier to chase the geese and ducks off the field.

Oct. 8: Thanksgiving morning — a couple of good friends stopped in for breakfast. We had dug our potatoes the day before and decided we have enough that we could give some away to Bill and Betty. After breakfast we loaded their vehicle with boxes of potatoes, carrots and a pumpkin. The car had its nose in the air for the ride home and they were both just smiling. We had a turkey dinner at John and Barb’s. Most of Gregory’s siblings came and ate and visited for a bit before they all had to run off home again. That evening we went over to Joseph’s adoptive grandparents’ house for a visit. We stayed far too long but greatly enjoyed our visit with Rose and Barney Simon.

Oct. 10: We took the combines out again to try the barley. The first sample was dry but the next two samples were not. Again we had to console ourselves with the idea that at least it would be easier to chase the birds off now.

Oct. 11: It rained all day and on the 12th we woke up to snow again. Good weather is just around the corner, we hope.

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Heather Eppich is a young former Idaho rancher building a new farm and family with her husband and young son, near Handel, Sask. Contact her at: [email protected]



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