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Savvy Farmer simplifies all pesticide selection

A lot of companies and associations have “great websites and
great web tools”  to keep people
informed and make life easier. And sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

But, one recent website/software I was pointed towards,
which I think is just a great idea is called Savvy Farmer. It costs $199 per
year to subscribe to the web-based software, but what it does is help a farmer
or crop advisor in selecting the proper crop protection products, to deal with

whatever weeds or insects are out there, and it also shows cost per acre
depending on the product chosen.

You can read more about it in the May 2011 issue of
Grainews, or visit the Savvy Farmer website at

This program, developed by former Syngenta president Warren
Libby and technical partner Sam Vurrabindi, has brought together a data base of
all registered crop protection products in Canada, along with all the known
weeds, diseases and insects that can affect some 756 crops. The program can
calculate something like four million treatments with different product

So you as a farmer would subscribe for access to the
software program, enter some basic information like your province, the type of
crop, the weeds, disease or insects to be controlled for each field, and hit
search, and in about three seconds the program gives you all the product
options for controlling the crop pest, as well as a cost range per acre for
each product, based on suggested retail price.

Talk about slick! 
Maybe your mind is like a steel trap and you can remember all the brand
and generic product names, new combinations, new formulations and all the
different weeds, or insects, or diseases the respective products can control. I
can’t. Once you get passed glyphosate I am lost.

I ran through a Savvy Farmer demo and even I could figure it
out. It is that simple.

If you’re in Saskatchewan looking to control narrow leaved
hawks beard and stinkweed in malt barley, for example — enter that basic info
and BAM the program gives you your two or three dozen product options, the
herbicide group, rates and tank mixes, and cost of each product per acre.

It is a great idea and looks to be very thoroughly and
professionally done. Along with Grainews and Savvy Farmer website, Shaun Haney
of Real Agriculture has a video interview with Warren Libby and demonstration

on his website at
. Just go to the website, enter Savvy Farmer in the search
window and watch the interview.

Lee Hart is a field editor
for Grainews in Calgary, Contact him at 403-592-1964 or by email at
[email protected]




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