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Michelin introduces the high-speed 
FloatXBib tire for spreaders.

Michelin introduces the FloatXBib

New increased flexion 
tire for SP floaters

As the size and top speed of both towed and self-propelled farm equipment grows, the demands placed on tires become ever more extreme. And manufacturers have been struggling to offer tires that meet those demands. Tires must carry heavier loads and travel much faster on roads than previous generations. “Often times on machines today, they’re […] Read more

Michelin’s Tweel airless tire and wheel combinations are now available for UTVs, zero-turn mowers and skid steer loaders.

Michelin adds to its Tweel product line

The brand expands its line special-purpose of airless wheels

About six years ago, Michelin debuted the first Tweel airless tire and wheel assembly, which was originally intended for the skid steer market. Since then it has been expanding its line of Tweel products, which now offers types that fit zero-turn mowers and UTVs “In 2012 we launched our first Tweel targeting skid steer loaders,” […] Read more

The new AxioBib 2 line of tractor tires now fits into the VF category and will 
be available for mid- to high-horsepower tractors in North America.

Michelin debuts new farm equipment tires

New CrossGrip and AxioBib 2 introduced at show

Michelin used the Ag in Motion farm show near Langham, Saskatchewan, to introduce prairie farmers to two of its newest tire releases, the CrossGrip and the AxioBib 2. The CrossGrip, a tire designed for municipal operations like snow removal and mowing was one of the two new tires on display at the Michelin exhibit. “It’s […] Read more

Michelin’s new EvoBIB “transforming tire (front) has gaps in the tread bars that allow the sidealls to “hinge” down and increase the width of its footprint at low inflation pressures.

Michelin EvoBIB is a “two-in-one” tire

New radial offers two effective footprint widths based on air pressure

We call this the transforming tire,” said Michelin Tire’s Mike Pantaleo, as he stood beside his company’s display of new tire technology during the Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon in July. “It’s a brand new tire and it’s brand new technology. We launched it in January in France at the SIMA show.” He […] Read more

A built-in camera function helps the Michelin mobile app calculate inflation pressure requirements for a specific tractor.

Free app calculates tire pressure needs

Michelin just introduced the Pressure Calculator, a free app for mobile phones that can help determine exact pressure requirements for ag tires. Using the Pressure Calculator involves three steps. First, type in the load supported by front and rear axles. Then enter the type of tire using the drop-down menus. Finally, take a photo of […] Read more

Excessively worn tires will increase wheel slip, which wastes fuel.

Is it time for new tires?

Performance of worn tires will depend on field conditions

Any producer who keeps the same tractor around the farm for several years will eventually need to decide when it’s time to replace the tires. Excessively worn drive tires can seriously affect a tractor’s performance and increase operating costs due to higher fuel consumption, because increased wheel slip caused by poor traction is wasted energy. […] Read more

New SprayBib: Michelin has added a 50-inch Very high flexion tire, the VF420/95R50 177D to its line of sprayer tires.

Michelin’s Ultraflex ag tires

The brand showed off the benefits of its IF and VF radials during an event in France

Today’s ag tires may not be able to exactly match the reduced levels of compaction and floatation tracks offer, but Increased Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) radial tires have narrowed the performance gap between tracks and tires considerably. IF tires are capable at operating at up to 20 per cent reduced air pressures […] Read more