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Michelin debuts new farm equipment tires

New CrossGrip and AxioBib 2 introduced at show

The new AxioBib 2 line of tractor tires now fits into the VF category and will 
be available for mid- to high-horsepower tractors in North America.

Michelin used the Ag in Motion farm show near Langham, Saskatchewan, to introduce prairie farmers to two of its newest tire releases, the CrossGrip and the AxioBib 2.

The CrossGrip, a tire designed for municipal operations like snow removal and mowing was one of the two new tires on display at the Michelin exhibit.

“It’s an agro-industrial tire from Michelin,” David Graden, operational marketing manager. “Its basic design at this point is for municipalities, folks that are mowing, road use. The lug design and the rubber used were specifically designed to be more pliable, have more biting edges in the snow and to give a nice, stable footprint for mowing.”

But the tire Prairie farmers will be most interested in is Michelin’s new AxioBib 2, which is designed to deliver high torque to the ground for maximum pulling traction.

“The AxioBib 2 is a branch off of an older design,” Graden says. “We’ve changed that tire to make it a VF now, so it’s very high flexion. It’s also air systems-ready, so it works with inflation systems. Michelin, as you know just purchased PTG and Teleflow back in November. Now we have a full package to offer with the air systems.”

PTG is a German company, and Teleflow is based in France. Both are specialists in tire pressure control systems.

The AxioBib 2 is designed specifically for mid- to high-horsepower tractors and is available for standard rim sizes.

“Just a couple of sizes are available today,” he adds. “We have a couple of European sizes in North America. However, we’re coming with more sizes very, very soon.”

Says Graden, “We’ve also stamped it with a high-traction stamp that Michelin has recently come out with. And that goes along with the VF rating on the tire. The footprint is much longer and wider than its predecessor.”

The AxioBib 2 is expected to soon be available from the major equipment brands a as factory-installed tire in the near future as more sizes become available.

The Michelin CrossGrip is a new tire designed for improved traction in winter conditions. photo: Michelin

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