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Corteva’s Climate Positive Challenge program

Sending a message may be more important than what the program can actually buy

Corteva’s climate challenge program will reward farmers that advance, “innovative climate positive practices.”

In a political climate where a 16-year old European environmental activist can drive thousands of people to protest in Edmonton, it is important that farmers not only continue to act as good stewards of the land and soil — it’s also important that the general public see that farmers are looking after the environment.

Corteva is making this a little bit easier, introducing an international program called Climate Positive Challenge. “We know farmers are the best stewards of their land and they know how to take care of it,” says Kris Allen, Corteva’s Agriscience Canada communications leader.

The new program is a grant program that will reward farmers who are “advancing innovative climate positive practices,” Allen says. The company is still working out the details, but the grants will provide “incentives for farmers to collaborate with third-party groups and others in the ag value change to scale the efforts beyond their own acres.”

For now, Corteva has budgeted $US500,000 for these grants. Globally. That won’t be a lot of money, spread to Corteva’s customers around the world (as the company says on its website, “from Nepal to Nebraska”). There may be more money in the future — Allen says this is “a great first step” — which would be helpful, as we all know that $US500,000 wouldn’t be enough to buy one new seeding outfit on the scale of Canadian Prairie agriculture.

It’s not a lot of money, but it’s a good start, and it’s a great message.

Full details will be available at end of 2019 for the 2020 launch.

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