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Turn your ATV into a feed wagon

If you’re a livestock producer, your ATV has probably become the most indispensable vehicle on the farm or ranch. Now, Applegate Livestock Equipment’s Feed Train can make it even more useful by turning it into a mobile feed wagon for smaller feeding chores.

Applegate, a division of Winnipeg-based AGI (Ag Growth International), has added the Feed Train to its product line. “It eliminates the need for costly bucket feeding and can be utilized to transport and distribute many types of feed, pellets or other products,” says Applegate’s sales manager, Aaron Applegate.

The company says efficiency and low cost were prime considerations factored into the design of the feed train. It was invented by company owner, Bob Lutz. “Bob designed this product with the true cattle person in mind,” says Applegate.

The Feed Train has a translucent plastic feed tank, which allows the operator to see how much product is remaining as feed is distributed. It has a 500-pound overall load capacity, which fills through a large 18-inch by 28-inch lid. The four-inch unloading auger has a dual-speed electric controller on a 15-foot line. It lets the ATV operator unload from the seat by selecting one of two different auger speeds. Low dispenses five gallons of feed in nine seconds. High doubles the rate to five gallons in 4.5 seconds.

The feeder connects to a regular ATV hitch, 12 inches above ground, using a standard, two-inch trailer ball. It rides on 22X11.00X8 tires and has a built-in battery tender and electrical circuit protection.

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