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Topcon introduces new VRT software

Topcon has introduced a new software package intended to help make precision agriculture decisions a more seamless process for farmers. Designed for use on a farm’s office computer, the company says SGISfarm is an easy-to-use tool that includes mapping and drawing features.

Users can integrate information from soil testing, field mapping and yield monitors to create VRT prescription maps, using what the company calls “basic and proven recommendation methods.” These methods are built into the software as templates, allowing anyone to create application maps.

“SGISfarm was developed to allow Topcon to offer full farm solutions and complete the value proposition of its many hardware products,” says Joe Tevis, director of agronomic products and services. “This specialized farm data management software specifically targets precision farming for the owner-operator. (SGISfarm can) reliably create variable rate application maps for all Topcon consoles.”

SGISfarm is “capable of creating variable rate maps for virtually all of the common controllers used for application and seeding control,” adds Tevis. “It is also compatible with the harvest monitors of other brands of combines.” It is capable of merging data when multiple combines are used in the same field.

According to the company’s press release, the SGISfarm software also has “tight integration” with a number of AGCO products (Topcon is currently AGCO’s technology partner) including the X30 console. SGISfarm can be used to take as-applied reports from Topcon consoles and print reports. The software is also compatible with DICKEY-John controllers.

“SGISfarm also adds value to Topcon CropSpec sensors by providing tools to visualize field data and modify a proposed application,” says Tevis. †

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