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Grade Your Driveway With An ATV

One thing is certain about Prairie roads, sooner or later they’ll develop potholes that need to be fixe, and that includes farm driveways. Quadivator’s new rear blade allows you to put a side-by-side UTV or large ATV to work getting rid of them, or doing other grading work around the yard.

According to Darin Hubscher, Quadivator’s sales manager, the 72-inch-wide blade requires an ATV with at least a 600 cc engine to develop enough power to pull it. Nearly all UTVs, though, will have ample muscle to handle it.

The blade can be angled up to 30 degrees in either direction and it can be tilted to either side for jobs like ditching. It has adjustable skid shoes on either side to control the depth of cut. Raising and lowering can be done on the go, right from the driver’s seat, by using Quadivator’s standard 12-volt Mini Motion Package, which uses electricity from the UTV or ATV’s battery.

The company displayed several of its implements at the 2010 Western Canada Farm Progress Show’s new inventions pavilion back in June. All of its landscaping and gardening implements are designed for larger ATVs and UTVs. Putting those machines to work doing double duty as garden tractors is one way to expand their use.

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