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This summer was a busy one for new equipment releases by the major manufacturers. Included among those new additions are a collection of ten new sprayer models from two different brand names — New Holland and AGCO’s RoGator line.

New Holland has taken the plunge and jumped into the high-clearance sprayer business with its brand-new Guardian line, which includes two completely different designs: three front-boom and two rear-boom models. They include some of the industry’s most impressive specifications, boasting the largest tank sizes and highest engine horsepower.

“With the exceptional productivity of these sprayers, producers can get into their fields just about any time during the growing season to protect their investment and profit for the year,” says Miles Mackow, New Holland Harvesting and Precision Farming’s brand marketing segment leader.


The three front-boom models offer four-wheel hydrostatic drive and the two rear-boom models use a two-wheel mechanical drive. A standard 15-foot turning radius allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces and on headland turns.

The front-boom models have up to 365 horsepower with a choice of tank sizes up to 1,600 gallons and boom widths up to 120 feet. A 50-50 weight distribution keeps the sprayers balanced for maximum traction and minimum compaction, and the impressive six-foot ground clearance allows the sprayer to get into nearly any field throughout the growing season.

The operator gets exceptionally good, straight-ahead visibility of the forward boom, avoiding any kinks in the neck at the end of the day. Another advantage of the front-boom design is a quieter cab, because the engine is positioned at the rear with the product tank between it and the cab.

The company claims the four-wheel independent hydraulic suspension offers the smoothest ride in the industry. There are 20 inches of suspension travel on each wheel to optimize boom stability and traction.


The two rear-boom models are available with 240 or 275 horsepower engines. New Holland, along with another company offering mechanical- drive sprayers, claims that system offers improved fuel efficiency.

Spray booms on these models are available up to 120 feet wide as well, and tank capacity goes up to 1,200 gallons. Crop clearance is two feet less than the front-boom Guardians at 48 inches. Wraparound rear windows improve visibility back to the boom. Highperformance options include front-wheel assist and hydraulic track width adjustment, which allows the operator to make wheel spacing changes from the cab.


Not to be outdone, AGCO also introduced five new RoGator sprayers for 2011, and they showed them to the farm media at a special product launch in St. Paul, Minnesota, back in July.

“The application business is changing all the time, so innovation and continuous improvement is critical to our customers’ success,” says Mark Sharitz, director of marketing for the AGCO Application Equipment Division. “Even though we introduced many significant enhancements in our 2010 RoGators, we knew we couldn’t stop there. We were dedicated to introducing a drive-system solution in our 2011 line up.”

The drive system upgrade he’s talking about is a significant modification to the components on each wheel. The previous system had the motor and gear reduction hub as a single, integrated component. If one or the other failed, the whole component had to be replaced, That is no longer the case. The hydraulic motor and gear reduction hub are now two separate pieces, which minimizes potential repair costs.

All five of the new models offer seven speed ranges to help operators better match ground speed to field conditions and increase the number of power management options for the operator. The new driveline also allows engine r. p. m. s to drop from 2,100 to 1,950 during road transport for improved fuel economy.

When operated in the lowest range, power is distributed equally to all wheels to help maximize traction. In second through fourth, that changes to a 40-60 ratio front to rear to minimize wheel hop.

The new RoGators also offer front disc brakes for improved stopping power. Previously, braking was done only through the hydraulic drive system. Combining both significantly reduces stopping distances, an important safety improvement for high-speed road travel.

Additional features include a flexible C-channel frame that twists when travelling over rough terrain, optional four-wheel steering that can reduce the turning radius from 23 feet to 13.5, and a wide range of liquid and dry application systems including an optional front reloading station. Boom widths extend from 80 to 120 feet, and the RoGators offer a six-post cab with a wide entry door and great visibility.

Engine horsepower ranges from 250 to 311 with tanks sizes from 900 to 1,300 gallons.


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