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Should you spray twice for fusarium?

In a fusarium-filled field, are more applications better?

Should you spray twice for fusarium?

During a February 28 BASF’s “Protect Your Profits” fusarium webinar, a farmer who was watching asked whether, if you had a fusarium-prone field, it would be a good idea to plan to spray a fungicide twice to control fusarium.

Dr. Michael Harding, plant pathology research scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, fielded the question.

Harding said that, unless you’re a seed grower and you need to grow seed that is completely free of fusarium, this is likely not a great idea. “I think it would be extremely rare that you would get your money back,” he said.

But, Harding said, if he was a farmer and he decided it would be worthwhile to spray for fusarium twice, he would leave a check strip, to make sure he was getting a positive economic return from that second fungicide application. He also recommended that farmers spraying fungicide on the same field twice in one year rotate active ingredients, so they don’t promote resistance to fungicide in fusarium.

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