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New wheat, barley, oat varieties for 2021

Expect yield improvements and strong disease resistance packages

New wheat, barley, oat varieties for 2021

Alliance Seed, Canterra Seeds, FP Genetics, Proven Seed, SeCan and SeedNet are rolling out new cereal varieties to western Canadian Prairie producers in 2021. Featuring yield improvements and strong disease resistance packages, some of these options may prove a good fit for your business needs. Please note, the following list includes only brand new variety releases for 2021.

Alliance Seed

CWRS: AAC Leroy VB offers higher yield than many comparable varieties, a strong disease resistance package and wheat midge tolerance from the Sm1 gene. A semi-dwarf with strong standability, AAC Leroy VB outyielded AAC Viewfield and AC Unity VB by 11 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively, in western Canadian registration trials. AAC Leroy VB offers moderate resistance (MR) for fusarium head blight (FHB) and moderate resistance for leaf rust, stem rust and stripe rust.

Oats: CDC Endure offers yield and quality, with consistently high beta-glucan levels attractive to end-users. CDC Endure outyielded AC Morgan and CS Camden in 2019 MCVET, SKVPG and ABRV trials. The variety is rated very good for lodging. Shorter than AAC Morgan and CDC Arborg, CDC Endure offers maturity similar to AAC Morgan. For 2021, certified CDC Endure will be available only with a contracting program through Alliance Seed shareholders.

Canterra Seeds

CWRS: CS Jake is a very early-maturing, high protein, CWRS wheat with a strong rust resistance package. CS Jake yielded 104 per cent versus AC Carberry in trials. CS Jake offers moderate resistance to leaf rust and resistance to stripe and stem rust. Maturing 3.5 days earlier than AC Carberry, CS Jake is an excellent candidate for the short-growing regions in the Parkland areas.

CWRS: CS Daybreak offers excellent yield potential to protein balance, good standability and an excellent rust resistance package. Yielding 103 per cent compared to AAC Viewfield, CS Daybreak is a mid-maturing CWRS that suits Prairie-wide. CS Daybreak is rated MR to stripe and leaf rust, R (resistant) to stem rust and I (intermediate) to FHB.

CPSR: CS Accelerate offers very high yield potential and an excellent rust resistance package. Short- and strong-strawed, CS Accelerate has excellent standability. Early-maturing, (1+ versus AAC Penhold), this variety achieved 105 per cent yield compared with AAC Penhold in trials. CS Accelerate also offers excellent all-round rust resistance, including an R rating to stripe, stem and leaf rust. CS Accelerate can be successfully grown Prairie-wide.

Barley: AB Wrangler is a two-row feed grain and silage variety with high grain and forage yield potential. Early- to medium-maturing (about equal in maturation date to Champion), AB Wrangler achieved 108 per cent grain yield and 100 per cent forage yield compared with CDC Cowboy. AB Wrangler offers moderate resistance to smut, stem rust and fusariaum head blight and low DON (deoxynivalenol) accumulation.

FP Genetics

CWRS: AAC Magnet is an early-maturing, conventional height, CWRS wheat with very strong resistance to FHB. In registration trials, AAC Magnet displayed the lowest DON content compared to all checks. Field-observed maturity has been up to five days earlier than commonly grown CWRS varieties.

Barley: CDC Copper is a two-row, rough-awned variety with a strong leaf disease package, short straw and good standability. This dual-purpose barley has yields that rival popular feed varieties making it an excellent choice for both malt and feed markets.

Proven Seed

CWRS: CDC Ortona is an awnless, high-yielding variety (103 per cent versus Carberry) with early- to mid-maturity. This variety has strong protein and standability, very good lodging resistance and best-in-class resistance to leaf spotting (intermediate), resistance to stem, leaf and stripe rust and moderately resistant to FHB.

CWRS: SY Cast is a high-yielding (105 per cent versus Carberry) variety with mid-maturity and a strong disease package. SY Cast offers best-in-class resistance to leaf spot, as well as resistance to common types of rust (stem, leaf and stripe) and FHB. SY Cast has good lodging resistance, good protein and is well suited to all Prairie regions.

Barley: Altorado is the newest addition to the Proven Seed lineup of feed barley. Altorado is early-maturing with high-quality grain or silage yields. In yield trials, Altorado yielded 114 per cent of AC Metcalfe. This variety offers a best-in-class disease package for all leaf diseases and fusarium. Altorado has excellent standability and good protein.


CWRS: RedNet is an awned, hollow-stemmed line with a combination of high-yield potential, medium-tall plants and early maturity. RedNet has good resistance against rusts and elevated resistance against fusarium and from DON accumulation. With its potential signing in straw production, this variety is well suited for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Fall Rye: KWS Serafino hybrid fall rye offers maximum yield performance for whole crop or grain, making it a multi-purpose hybrid suitable for grain, feed, flour and distilling. This variety has excellent straw strength and a leading grains/ear harvest index. KWS Serafino is the newest leader in grain yields for the KWS lineup and is noted for its excellent grain quality. It also brings very good drought stress tolerance, is low in ergot risk and offers resistance to brown rust.


CWRS: AAC Starbuck VB is a top-yielding midge-tolerant variety that is broadly adapted across Western Canada. AAC Starbuck is an awned, semi-dwarf that yields 114 per cent of AC Carberry and is three centimetres taller than AC Carberry. It has good lodging resistance, fair sprouting resistance and is rated MR to FHB. AAC Starbuck will be grown as a varietal blend with 10 per cent AAC Brandon as the refuge.

CWRS: AAC Wheatland VB is a new midge-tolerant variety with strong yield potential. AAC Wheatland is an awned, semi-dwarf that yields 112 per cent of AC Carberry and is similar in height to AC Carberry. It has very good lodging resistance, good sprouting resistance and is rated intermediate for FHB resistance. AAC Wheatland will be grown as a varietal blend with 10 per cent AAC Brandon as the refuge.

CWRS: Ellerslie is an early-maturing, awnless variety developed by the University of Alberta. Compared to AC Carberry, Ellerslie yields 108 per cent, is six centimetres taller and matures two to three days earlier. It is rated very good for lodging resistance, good for sprouting resistance and with intermediate resistance to FHB. The early maturity and sprouting resistance make Ellerslie well adapted to the northern grain production regions in Western Canada.

Durum: AAC Grainland is a solid-stem variety with sawfly tolerance. Compared to AC Strongfield, AAC Grainland yields 110 per cent, is one centimetre taller and matures one day later. AAC Grainland is rated fair for lodging resistance, good for sprouting resistance and moderately susceptible to FHB. It also has good resistance to rust, smut and bunt.

Barley: AB Advantage is a smooth-awned, hulled, six-row feed and forage barley developed by the Field Crop Development Centre in Lacombe, Alta. AB Advantage is 12 centimetres taller than AC Ranger (18 cm taller than Vivar) with grain yield 105 per cent of Vivar and AC Ranger. Though AB Advantage is a tall variety, it has stronger straw than AC Ranger (rated very good for lodging resistance) and produces top grain and forage yields with larger, plumper kernels than Vivar or AC Ranger. AB Advantage is rated MR to loose smut and susceptible to FHB.

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