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The John Deere AutoTrac Controller 300 is a dealer-installed kit that is easy to set up, calibrate and maintain.

John Deere offers a universal, aftermarket, auto-steer system

The AutoTrac Controller 300 provides customizable precision guidance across multiple brands and platforms

More producers are turning to precision guidance for the productivity gains and cost savings the technology provides. However, moving from machine to machine can mean having to adjust to multiple precision control systems — decreasing efficiency and increasing potential for both frustration and error. John Deere aims to solve that issue via its universal, aftermarket, […] Read more

New pulse crop options for growers in 2021

Thirteen new pulses are available for Prairie producers, some with improved disease resistance and strong yields

Prairie producers looking to plant pulses in 2021 have a few new and notable options. SeedNet, SeCan, FP Genetics, Prairie Fava, Riddell Seed Company and Saskatchewan seed growers are bringing a combined total of 13 new pulses to the market in 2021. The coming year’s options include strong yielders and improved disease resistance. And one […] Read more

New 2021 soybean varieties

Seven companies release 22 offerings with improved disease resistance, solid yields and more

Soybean growers will, once again, have lots of choice for new varieties in 2021. Seven companies are releasing a total of 22 new soybean options for western Canadian producers for the coming growing season. Features include improved disease resistance, strong standability and solid yield across a range of crop heat units (CHU). Please note, the […] Read more

Thirty new options are available to corn growers in 2021.

New corn varieties for 2021

Dozens of options are available to fit a wide range of crop heat units and growing conditions

Western Canadian Prairie producers looking to grow corn in 2021 have a long list of new options to consider. Croplan, Bayer, DLF Pickseed, Horizon Seeds, Proven Seed, Pride Seeds and Thunder Seed are all rolling out new corn hybrids this year, for a total of 30 new options. Suiting a range of crop heat units […] Read more

Kubota Canada Ltd.’s new LX series of compact tractors bridges the gap between Kubota’s small, compact B series and its large, compact L series utility tractor lines.

Kubota’s new LX series compact tractors designed for versatility

Operator comfort and functionality top priorities for the LX’s three models

Kubota Canada Ltd.’s new LX series of compact tractors, unveiled in the spring, bridges the gap between Kubota’s small compact (B series) and its large compact (L series) utility tractor lines. Boasting bigger tires and higher horsepower than the B series, as well as a quick-transfer K-Connect front hitch system, the LX series is designed […] Read more

New wheat, barley, oat varieties for 2021

Expect yield improvements and strong disease resistance packages

Alliance Seed, Canterra Seeds, FP Genetics, Proven Seed, SeCan and SeedNet are rolling out new cereal varieties to western Canadian Prairie producers in 2021. Featuring yield improvements and strong disease resistance packages, some of these options may prove a good fit for your business needs. Please note, the following list includes only brand new variety […] Read more

New canola varieties for 2021

Almost two dozen canola hybrids will be coming your way, some with improved shatter and clubroot resistance

Looking for the latest canola options? Twenty-three new hybrids will be hitting the market for western Canadian farmers in 2021. Strong standability, improved shatter resistance and clubroot resistance are major themes in the new lineup. Please note, the following list includes only brand new variety releases for 2021. BASF InVigor L357P is a pod shatter-reduction […] Read more

ExactRate is a factory-installed option that precisely monitors and controls liquid fertilizer application during planting.

John Deere’s new system optimizes liquid fertilizer at planting

Factory-installed ExactRate precisely monitors and controls inputs

Now, more than ever, optimizing inputs is key to maintaining a successful farm business, and multiple companies are rolling out new technologies to help. John Deere’s newest addition is ExactRate, a factory-installed, liquid fertilizer system that precisely monitors and controls the application of liquid fertilizer during planting. ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to help […] Read more

Due to the shift to larger bins, a lot of farms don’t have adequate power to have fans big enough to move adequate air, says a Canola Council of Canada expert.

Explore your options for heating and grain drying infrastructure

Experts advise farmers to consider the economics and benefits and to plan ahead, plus tips on airflow and spoilage prevention

Last year’s cold, wet harvest conditions proved a challenging test for many Prairie producers, both during harvest and once grain was in the bin. Even in a good year, effective fan technology is critical to successful storage. Last year, many farmers with heating and drying infrastructure and grain bin monitoring technologies were able to take […] Read more

The new baler offers more efficient baling in the field, fewer bales per field, more tons per trailer, and savings in both time and transport costs.

New Holland’s BigBaler 340 High Density offers efficiencies and cost savings

The new baler produces ultra-dense square bales

There’s not a hay producer anywhere who would complain about producing too much hay. That said, the reality of hay’s bulkiness is it can be a logistical and trucking challenge. Enter New Holland Agriculture’s BigBaler 340 High Density, which produces large square bales with up to 22 per cent higher density than conventional square balers. […] Read more