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New soybean varieties for 2015

Seed companies shortening maturity in a bid to see varieties where no soybeans have gone before

soybeans and soybean pods

Farmers will have their pick of new soybean varieties to seed next spring, and seed companies are offering more and more early-maturing varieties.

BrettYoung’s Akras R2 is “early enough to be suited to production in Saskatchewan and western and northern areas of Manitoba,” Rene Mabon, agronomic and regulatory services manager wrote in an email.

And they’re not the only ones. DEKALB’s 22-60RY only requires 2275 corn heat units and NorthStar Genetics’ new NSC Gladstone RR2Y needs 2375 CHU.

Last year NorthStar released NSC Moosomin RR2Y, which the company describes as an ultra-early variety. The variety is more widely available for next year’s seeding, and NorthStar expects it to push into areas “with growing seasons currently considered to be too short or too dry,” Claude Durand wrote via email.

Farmers outside traditional soybean growing areas may want to check whether crop insurance will cover the crop before ponying up for seed. Soybean coverage has expanded in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. At press time, AFSC wasn’t offering coverage for soybeans in Alberta, but was researching the viability of an insurance program.

Early maturity isn’t the only trait to look for. The companies we surveyed provided information on everything from iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance to yield to plant height. We hope this information will help you figure out which varieties fit your farm.

Brett Young

Akras R2
2375 CHU. Outperformed many late- maturing varieties in the Red River valley over the last two years of MCVET trials. Semi-bushy plant with medium height and excellent podding height for easy harvest. Very good field resistance against phytophthora. Good tolerance to white mould and semi-tolerance to iron chlorosis.


2275 CHU. Very short, bushy line which will stand well. Performs best on fertile soils with lower Ph.


2300 CHU. Tall variety that may lean. Good complement to 23-10RY with more height.

2425 CHU. Tall, branchy product that can lean. Well suited to heavier soils.

Dupont Pioneer


2300 heat units. Ultra early maturity. Very good early growth and harvest standability. Average canopy width. Very strong iron chlorosis tolerance.


2325 heat units. Ultra early maturity. Excellent early growth scores and harvest standability. Above average canopy width. Built in phytophthora resistance. Good tolerance to iron chlorosis.


2475 heat units. Genuity Roundup Ready 2. Excellent plant height for maturity. Excellent harvest standability. Built in phytophthora resistance. Very good tolerance to iron chlorosis. Moderate white mould tolerance.


2475 heat units. Excellent yield potential. Very good harvest standability. Built-in phytophthora resistance. Good tolerance to iron chlorosis. Excellent yield potential.


NorthStar Genetics

NSC Gladstone RR2Y
2375 CHU. Bushy plant with very aggressive growth habit with maturity rated. Excellent fit for growers using planters or wider row spacing who are looking for an early variety. Yielded equal to mid-season check in 2013 public trials. Excellent complement for long season variety growers who want to spread harvest and maturity risk.

NSC Sanford RR2Y
Very limited availability in 2015.
2425 CHU. New mid-season variety for Manitoba. In 2013 MCVET trials, it yielded 107 per cent of NSC Elie RR2Y, which it will replace in NorthStar Genetics’ portfolio. Tall, semi-bush variety.

The following NorthStar Genetics varieties were included last year, but availability was limited in 2014:

NSC Moosomin RR2Y
2300 CHU. Compact, erect plant with short internodes and very dense podding. Good early vigor with excellent pod height despite shorter stature. Has demonstrated excellent yield potential (up to 50 bu./acre) in production fields.

NSC Tilston RR2Y
Early-mid season variety, rated at 2400 CHU. Very tall with excellent pod clearance and exceptional standability. Was a top performer in public trials in terms of both yield and maturity vs other varieties where conditions were particularly cool due to what is believed to it having cold tolerance.


PS 0035 NR2
2375 CHU. High-yielding Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield variety. Combination of strong soybean cyst nematode resistance and above average IDC tolerance. Excellent standability and disease tolerance. Good plant height with excellent canopy. Released previously, but wider release for seeding in 2015.

PS 0074R2

2500 heat units. Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield high yielding soybean variety with excellent IDC tolerance. Excellent branching and good height characteristics help this bean perform well even in droughty soils. Well suited for the longer season growing areas of the Red River Valley. Wider Release.


Thunder Seed

Thunder TH 35002R2Y
2375 CHU. Relative Maturity: 002. Very short season, high yielding variety. IDC Rating: 1.8. Medium height. Semi bush plant type. Distributed by Quarry Seed.

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