New fungicides and insecticides heading your way in 2021

New products to control insects like flea beetles and diseases, such as blackleg and sclerotinia, in canola, and more

One season is never the same as the next, so farmers face different disease and insect issues every year. This is one of the reasons there are new solutions being developed and coming to market every year — to help farmers protect their crops throughout the growing season from new and old disease and insect threats. The following are some of the new fungicide and insecticide products coming to Western Canada in 2021.


UPL Agrosolutions Canada

Rancona Trio is a seed treatment available for cereals, and is now approved for use in pulses. Three fungicides in Rancona Trio provide multiple modes of action with both contact and systemic activity against a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases in cereals and pulse crops, including aphanomyces. According to the company, its flowable application technology claims superior coverage and adhesion to ensure more active ingredient ends up on the seed for more consistent protection under a wide range of conditions.

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Saltro seed treatment protects canola against airborne blackleg infection at the most vulnerable stage (cotyledon) and soybeans from early-season sudden death syndrome (SDS). It contains Adepidyn, a new Group 7 fungicide belonging to the carboxamide chemical class, and moves through the plant’s water-conducting system to be taken up into the cotyledon, so it is present and active when most needed. For the 2021 growing season, Saltro will be made available as part of a canola seed treatment package called Helix Saltro, which includes Helix Vibrance seed treatment.

Syngenta is offering two new Miravis fungicide products for 2021, which also include Adepidyn. Miravis Bold offers control of sclerotinia stem rot in canola, even under high disease pressure. It delivers long-lasting protection and has a wide sclerotinia application window from 10 to 50 per cent flowering, so growers can protect their canola acres earlier.

Miravis Duo controls early blight and brown spot, and offers suppression of white mould and botrytis grey mould in potatoes. It combines Adepidyn and difenoconazole (a Group 3 fungicide) to provide preventive and early curative activity against early blight. It is the only non-chlorothalonil fungicide in the potato market offering botrytis protection. It offers early blight control, while offering broad spectrum activity to help potato growers streamline and simplify their spray programs. It is also registered for bulb, root and brassica vegetables, along with ginseng and stone fruits.

Buteo Start is a new seed treatment that helps protect canola against early flea beetle pressure. The Group 4 insecticide provides protection against crucifer and striped flea beetles (shown above).
photo: Canola Council of Canada

Bayer Crop Science

Proline Gold is a new canola fungicide that offers protection against sclerotinia. Its liquid formulation provides systemic and contact protection with two modes of action, prothioconazole and fluopyram, which work in synergy to provide a new level of protection against severe infections of sclerotinia, according to the company.

TilMOR is a new, flex-timing fungicide that allows cereal growers to spray from flag leaf to heading and provides control of leaf diseases, suppression of fusarium head blight and reduction of DON levels. The combination of active ingredients, prothioconazole and tebuconazole, provides protective and curative activity, resulting in comprehensive leaf disease protection. Its flexible timing offers an advantage to barley growers, in particular, where the timing of a leaf disease application and a head timing application can be as short as a few days.


Bayer Crop Science

Buteo Start is a new seed treatment that helps protect canola against early flea beetle pressure. The Group 4 insecticide (flupyradifurone) provides superior protection against crucifer and striped flea beetles. Its systemic translocation from cotyledon to leaf margins reduces the potential for leaf matter damage and enables a quicker growing canopy. Buteo Start works in conjunction with industry standard base seed treatments and producers can also pair it with cutworm treatments for targeted pest control.

FMC Canada

Pounce 384EC is a Group 3, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide that controls striped and crucifer flea beetles in canola, as well as cutworms in cereals, corn, flax, lentils, peas and sunflowers, and other pests in a variety of crops. The active ingredient in Pounce 384EC is permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that is stable in light, which means it will not break down as quickly as other pyrethroids when applied. It can be applied by ground or air at different times for different crops, giving producers more control options.

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