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New fungicide option for canola

DuPont Canada’s crop protection arm has announced a new Group 7 chemical for use on canola, pulses and sunflowers. The crop fungicide Vertisan includes penthiopyrad, a new active ingredient.

Dave Kloppenburg, DuPont Canada’s fungicide launch manager, describes Vertisan’s active ingredient as “a brand new molecule that locks onto the fungus to stop disease in its tracks.”

Vertisan is registered for use against sclerotinia in canola, as well as against ascochyta blight, grey mould and rust in pulse crops, early blight and rhizoctonia in potatoes, and sclerotinia head rot in sunflowers. Vertisan is one of the first fungicides on the market to show effectiveness against sclerotinia head rot in sunflowers.

The product is described as “a balanced fungicide with residual, preventative and post-infection action,” providing “translaminar and locally systemic protection and excellent rainfastness.” †



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