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AppQuest: Fertilizer calculator

When you’re on the go during the seeding season or even sitting in your office during the winter planning for the upcoming year, it’s nice to have a fertilizer calculator to help you make more efficient seeding decisions.

The app starts out with either editing a current blend or adding a new blend to your app. The blends can be done in either liquid or dry format. Then the desired blend in pounds per acre is selected for each one of the fertilizer elements. Next the product to be used can be selected.

This takes you to a different menu where you can select your product. It is pre-loaded with the generic fertilizer standbys such as 46-0-0-0 nitrogen or 0-0-60-0 potassium. You can enter in, add, or edit these products also adding in the dollar per metric tonne factor as well.

The app automatically recognizes the highest element in the blend and places it under that element in the product listing. One or multiple products can be used in each blend. Acres and load size are the last inputs needed for the calculation. Once you press “calculate,” it goes to the calculation results page. It gives you all the basics such as the net elements and percentage breakdown of the elements. The app also calculates the acres per load, as well as how many pounds will be in that load.

Cost per ton is used to show the cost per acre, total cost and the total tons for the blend needed. The app also shows the total metric tonnage needed to fertilize your inputted acreage.

One thing I don’t like about this app is that it assumes an application rate of 100 pounds per acre which cannot be changed. Also the app does not do well with pre-blends. It works much better if you work from all the elemental blends first to create the nutrient levels you are looking for. But for $5 this is a nice little app that can give you quick fertilizer answers while you’re on the go.

Price: $5.00 †

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