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Alberta OYF nominees, Natasha Pospisil and Dallas Vert with their three children: Reese, seven; Tegan, four; and Ryker, six months.

Canada’s OYF 2019: Alberta nominees

No rest, no worries for these OYF winners from east-central Alberta

What could be harder than balancing a business and family? How about three businesses? Managing three kids and three companies might sound daunting to some, but for Dallas Vert and Natasha Pospisil, it’s all in a day’s work. Armed with diplomas from Olds College, Dallas and Natasha purchased his parents’ grain farm in Kirriemuir, in […] Read more

B.C. regional OYF winners, Cammy and James Lockwood with their children Keighley, seven; Jayce, six; and Simphiwe, five.

Canada’s OYF 2019: British Columbia nominees

Hen farmers lay foundation for success

If it is unlikely that an artist and doctor parents would produce a farmer, then having that farmer win a regional award as an Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) seems even a greater stretch of the imagination. But, tell that to Cammy Lockwood, the product of non-farming parents. Cammy Lockwood and her husband James were named […] Read more

Craig and Jinel Ference of Kirremuir Alta., have developed a large mixed-farming operation.

Canada’s OYF: Alberta nominees

Craig and Jinel Ference relied on diversity to overcome challenges

If you thought your career had a rocky start, imagine returning home to a cow-calf farm in 2003 and being greeted with the industry-changing BSE crisis. As it turns out, Craig and Jinel Ference, the Alberta winners of the Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) award, don’t have to imagine it; they lived it. When they met […] Read more

Jordan and Jennifer Lindgren, OYF Saskatchewan regional finalists with family-run large grain farming operation.

Canada’s OYF: Saskatchewan nominees

Saskatchewan farmers Jordan and Jennifer Lindgren make family a priority

While some industries are dominated by a few large companies, agriculture in Canada is still planted firmly on the family farm. Nowhere is that more evident than at the home of Jordan and Jennifer Lindgren, the 2018 winners of the Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Award. On their 11,500-acre grain and oilseed farm near Norquay […] Read more

Tyler MacNaughton and Sacha Bentall, OYF B.C. regional finalists, producing pasture-to-plate livestock.

Canada’s OYF: British Columbia nominees

Tyler McNaughton and Sacha Bentall produce pasture-finished livestock

Tyler McNaughton and Sacha Bentall aren’t afraid to try something different as they develop their farming operation in southeastern B.C. The winners of the B.C.’s regional finalists for the 2018 Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Award took on some different ag enterprises in an area long established as a beef-cattle ranching region. Despite expected start-up challenges […] Read more

Gary and Marie Baars and their children built their diversified dairy operation from scratch.

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from British Columbia

Gary and Marie Baars started with a dream, 
then realized it through hard work

Wanted: Energetic, inexperienced couple to work long days with few days off and no assurance of success. Interested? If not, you’re not alone, and you’re definitely not Gary and Marie Baars. The 2017 Outstanding Young Farmer Award winners from Chilliwack, B.C. didn’t let long odds and a shortage of experience hold them back, and now […] Read more

Marc and Hinke Therrien and their three children, Annelies, four, Emilie, three, and Natalie, one, didn’t hesitate to learn the turkey business.

Canada’s OYF: The nominees from Alberta

This award is a feather in the cap of these new turkey farmers

She was new to turkeys and he was new to farming. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, not much, which is why Marc and Hinke Therrien of Redwater, Alta., are proud winners as Alberta regional nominees for the Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Award. “I’m not a farm kid; I grew up in […] Read more

Derek and Tannis Axten with their children Kate, 13, and Brock, 11, know if they look after the soil it will produce.

Canada’s OYF: Nominees from Saskatchewan

Derek and Tannis Axten focus on encouraging soil biology

Daring to be different may enrich your spirit, but it can also leave you cash poor. If you’re Derek and Tannis Axten, however, you wind up having your fungicide-free cake and eating it too. While the 2017 Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Award winners for Saskatchewan began their farming career on a well-trodden path, the route […] Read more

Getting the dirt on 4R nutrient stewardship

Getting the dirt on 4R nutrient stewardship

Fertilizer Canada’s 4R nutrient stewardship research tour delivers valuable information

In the ever-changing world of farming, information is a more valuable commodity than the finest canola crop. Consequently, the recently launched webinar series “Across Canada Tour of 4R Nutrient Stewardship Research” sponsored by Fertilizer Canada is must-see viewing. The tour began last month in Alberta, where co-presenter Dr. Miles Dyck offered an overview of 4R […] Read more

“It’s tempting to spray while it’s calm, but if there’s no wind the droplets will often stay suspended for a while behind the sprayer,” says Dr. Tom Wolf.

Herbicide drift not always wind-based

Spray drift can also happen when it’s calm, and the consequences can be dire

As many farmers have found out the hard way, herbicide doesn’t always go where you direct it. “Any time an application of spray is made, there are always small droplets that can move away from the intended target,” said Dr. Tom Wolf, applications specialist with Agrimetrix Research & Training. Generally speaking, herbicide drift is linked […] Read more