Grain in the bin still needs your attention

Once the crop is in the bin, it still needs attention and careful management

Success with wheat crops has much in common with being a good parent: You can do everything else to raise them right, but if you spoil them it’s all for naught. “Wheat needs to be managed in storage or you risk a huge loss of revenue,” said Dr. Joy Agnew, Project Manager — Agricultural Research […] Read more

Fusarium head blight as bad as it sounds

An Alberta study says fusarium can easily cost farmers $50/acre. What you can do?

As demonstrated by terms like rhinorrhea, which is basically a runny nose, some conditions sound worse than they are. In the case of fusarium head blight (FHB), a cereal disease affecting small grains and corn, the nasty name fits like a glove. In her research work on plant pathology for The Grain Research Centre (CEROM) […] Read more

New advances in chickpea breeding

Chickpea breeder Bunyamin Tar’an explains what breeders’ goals in variety development

Farming is all about colours: staying in the black and avoiding the red to keep your business in the pink of health. That’s no small feat, which is why genetic improvement and variety development in chickpeas is needed to keep farmers on the cutting edge and keep those greenbacks coming in. “For any crop you […] Read more

A crop of field peas in saskatchewan

Winning the war on pea problems

Weeds, disease and pests will all steal yield from less-competitive pea crops

Disease and pests pose a big risk for growers. A little planning can go a long way to limiting the damage. Peas are somewhat less competitive than some other crops like barley, canola or wheat because their canopy is open a bit longer, so weeds get a better start,” said Dr. Neil Harker, research scientist, […] Read more

Timing is key to whipping weeds

It’s easiest to kill weeds when they’re actively growing. Make sure you know when that is

Whether you’re telling a joke or treating a weed, timing is critical. And as anyone who has failed at weed control will confirm, it’s no laughing matter. Once you let weeds gain a foothold they can soon get out of hand, so it’s crucial to identify the life cycle of the weeds in your field […] Read more

Breeding aims high with hybrid rye

Two recently-released rye varieties are bringing higher yields to the Prairies

Hybrid cars may be all the rage these days for their lower gas consumption, but it’s hybrid rye that’s fuelling excitement for producers and seed growers. Two varieties that were recently released by German seed company KWS, the world’s leading rye breeder, are Bono and Guttino. Bullish on Bono As CEO of Regina-based FP Genetics, […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers Alberta: Shane and Kristen Schooten

Starting young and working with family pays off for Shane and Kristen Schooten

More often than not, mixing family and business is like an ill-conceived blind date: awkward and hard to get out of. That’s not the case for Shane and Kristen Schooten, recent winners of Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) award. They are living proof that you can survive and even thrive by blending family and finances. […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers B.C./Yukon: Brian and Jewel Pauls

Brian and Jewel Pauls are second-generation regional OYF winners

When Frank and Elma Pauls won the B.C./Yukon Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) award in 1990, young son Brian thought how cool it would be if he followed in their footsteps. As it turns out, he did just that, and it’s very cool indeed. “I remember going through the process with dad and thinking it would be […] Read more

Data mining: love at first byte

Storing data in the cloud can help you get the most from your farm equipment

Clouds used to be as welcome on the farm as the tax man, since they both have a knack for raining on your parade. These days, however, more desirable clouds — the high tech kind — are heating up farm profits by providing something valuable: information. Those “desirable clouds” refer to cloud computing. That is, […] Read more

Soybean Field

Soybean success: timing matters

A clean soybean field early in the season can make all the difference to your yield

With some events, like a clearance sale or your own wedding, the need for punctuality is obvious. For tasks like controlling soybean weeds, the value of getting there early may be more subtle, but it’s no less important. As any successful grower can attest, when and how you address weed issues can be the difference […] Read more