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It’s time to bring people to the table to find what each person wants for their life, their family and their farm business.

Froese: How to pitch pride and get transition traction

If emotion is affecting transition — you need to talk

In 2003, Tom Hubler, a family business coach, told me “Pride and stubbornness” are barriers to a successful transition. This winter Beth Moore’s teaching has encouraged me to explore the aspects of pride that impact family harmony. Let’s dissect this touchy topic. 1. Heart. I am convinced the emotional factors affecting planning are keeping well-meaning […] Read more

Froese: St. Nick’s easy ways to kick-start succession success

How about some practical gifts that show you are serious about transition?

As Christmas approaches I wonder what special gifts would make your life easier. Most farm folks want better communication and harmony on their farm. What if you gave gifts this Christmas that shout loud and clear that you are ready to talk seriously about transition? Share gifts that create harmony through intentionally blocking time to […] Read more

As a farmer who might be mourning the inability to go to Arizona this winter, what are your options for creating deeper rest at home or in Victoria?

Froese: Trading overwhelm for mental rest

When you can’t go south for the winter, what are your options for creating deeper rest?

Harvest on our farm finished October 7 which is a whole lot better than December 18 of 2019 for last year’s harvest. I can only imagine what you might be feeling as you read this, sitting down for a break wondering when the mental chatter in your brain is going to calm down. I’m a […] Read more

Count your blessings, and take the first steps to stop worrying about the pain of not knowing.

Froese: How to give thanks for getting unstuck

Imagine how good it will feel when you start to take positive action

October for farmers is a “get ’er done” kind of season where fall work is pressing and late-season crops are harvested, cattle are moved, and the list goes on. Last March when the Great Pause hit us, we were advised “not to waste a good crisis.” So on top of the routine things that we […] Read more

Procrastination is killing agriculture. Way too many families are drifting with no clarity of expectations of each other or the future.

Froese: How to help founders get transition plans moving

Now is the time to check your mindset and consider how you can create certainty for yourself and the next generation

Long harvest hours give you time to think about what is working on your farm and what needs to be tweaked. Our thoughts drive our actions. It’s time to check your mindset to consider how you can create more certainty for yourself as the owner, and the next generation that wants a piece of equity […] Read more

How to get more time off on the farm

This will mean considering some new approaches and making some intentional choices

Harvest is in high gear, cattle are moving and you think you cannot stop working. Your voice is louder and your sleep is lousy and you wonder if you are going to stay married with all the demands on your time. You have choices. Consider a new approach. Time for a mindset shift. 1. Track […] Read more

Froese: How to increase the fun factor this summer

With many activities being cancelled or postponed — time to get creative

Sitting close to the water, feeling warm sunshine on my face, tracking the clouds, helps me feel renewed by nature. Farmers are a lucky lot as they are in nature every day, it just depends on their mindset whether they are being renewed or riled. Summer 2020 will breeze by quickly. The key question for […] Read more

Froese: Encouraging farm fathers

Here’re some ways and practical tools to help you do just that

If I could show you a way to increase the family harmony on your farm and help you be more profitable at the same time would you listen? Would you be courageous enough to look at your own issues, strengths and weaknesses? I bet you would if it was easy. People problems on farms are […] Read more

Froese: One day at a time tips for the ‘Great Pause’

These days more than ever we need to remember ‘the only time that exists is right now’

Sun streams onto my computer as I imagine what life is like for you on your farm in the middle of May 2020. I’ve just been blessed by the wise words of Donna Brighton, of the Brighton Leadership group, a wise coach and realistic woman. Our families need us to lead from the core of […] Read more

Froese: Vision for family, farm and ownership — What now?

With the ripple effect of the pandemic now is the time to redefine where you’re at

Farmers are problem solvers and fixers, but I don’t think we anticipated the ripple effect of a pandemic on our families, our farms and our future. I’ve spent the last few weeks anchored at my farm office calling out to farmers, listening, and drilling deep to share a well of hope. On a Zoom call […] Read more