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Froese: What’s possible when people are separating and don’t want to go to war

Froese: What’s possible when people are separating and don’t want to go to war

Couples who are amicable and consider the farm successors will have a different outcome than those who are bickering

The Great Pause continues to amplify cracks in the family dynamic which may lead to separation and divorce in farm families. In my coaching practice this year for the first time I am navigating transition planning at the same time the founders are leaving their marriage. I am also receiving calls for help from women […] Read more

The emotional cost of being a “nasty Nancy or cruel Charlie” is immeasurable if you lose the relationship of your son or daughter and their children.

Froese: The emotional and financial cost of nastiness

The cost is immeasurable so challenge the nastiness rather than just accepting it

First of all, my apologies to any readers named “Nancy.” This is not really about you. I have coined the phrase “nasty Nancy” to describe anger-filled farm coaching clients. These are the folks who are extremely negative; they threaten to leave the room and the conversation often. They are really closed off to any awareness […] Read more

Froese: It’s OK to ask for help

Froese: It’s OK to ask for help

Where is it written that you always have to figure everything out on your own without any help?

A heat wave is looming. Drought on the Prairies is keeping folks awake at night. Farming folks are trying to cope with their brains on overload. Where is it written in the farming book of rules that you always figure things out on your own and never ask for help? Where is that written in […] Read more

These farm leaders and managers are opening up with vulnerability to find new ways to be a good father, and a team player.

Froese: Growing to be a good, good father on the farm

Sometimes this involves healing wounds in the family that are keeping the business stuck

I’ve taken to music therapy to lift my mood during this Great Pause, and one of my favourite playlist songs is “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. It helps me keep perspective on the character of God as we are all searching for answers far and wide. It reminds me of the many farm dads […] Read more

Froese: Stop breaking Mom’s heart — deal with your entitlement issues

Froese: Stop breaking Mom’s heart — deal with your entitlement issues

Many people avoid talking about this when it comes to farm transition plans. This has to stop

As Mother’s Day arrives in this Great Pause of 2021, many of you are caught in the messy middle of family dynamics. Let’s jump in and start dealing with the issue of entitlement on your farm team.  I use the words “deal with entitlement.” It’s that Undiscussabull, the bull in the middle of your farm […] Read more

Let’s be honest about the filters we carry as farmers.

Froese: Clear, concise communication is better understood and received

Sometimes our automatic ‘filters’ get in the way of this so we need to be aware of what those could be

Elaine, I am feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed with this farm transfer thing.” “How do I talk to the kids without emotions running wild?” “We do fine until we try to get a sit-down family meeting with an agenda, then no one is really honest with what is going on here.” Communication that is clear, and […] Read more

Froese: Who gets to do what on the farm?

Froese: Who gets to do what on the farm?

Everyone should be aware of the family roles guide

Hope you are enjoying the longer days and warm sunshine on your farm. I also hope that panic is not rising as you anticipate getting ready for spring… whatever that means! I know a farmer who has April 20 as his magic target day for having all the equipment ready to go for seeding. As […] Read more

Froese: What is your model of forgiveness?

What conflict hits your farm what is your plan to make things better?

Happy Easter to one and all. Resurrection Sunday is a special celebration on our farm as we gather as family to celebrate a risen Saviour. We are a family of faith who farms. We also count our blessings when things are going smoothly and we are getting along. Some days, there is conflict, but it […] Read more

Froese: Creating a sense of urgency is a good thing

Froese: Creating a sense of urgency is a good thing

Don’t wait and let a health crisis be your motivator — act now

Elaine, we started talking about this in 2014, and man, that was seven years ago,” quips the overwhelmed founder of a fifth-generation farm. “We need to get this done before seeding.” Where is it written that you cannot have conversations from the tractor while you are on auto steer? Procrastination is killing agriculture. You didn’t […] Read more