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The future of broadcasting nitrogen in the fall

The inefficient practice is on the rise; however limits may be on the way in Manitoba

Broadcasting in fall is the quickest and easiest way to apply nitrogen — and the least efficient. So why, anecdotally at least, does the practice seem to be on the increase? Bigger farms and a shortage of labour could be part of it. Moreover, nobody knows when poor weather will shut down field operations. And […] Read more

Manitoba, Canadian farmland values up again in 2015

Farm Credit Canada says the annual percentage increase in farmland values is getting smaller

Manitoba farmland values led the way with the highest average percentage increase in Canada last year, says Farm Credit Canada (FCC). But the pace of increases the last few years here and across Canada is slowing in step with the plateauing of farm cash receipts, and slower drop in interest rates, J.P. Gervais, FCC’s chief […] Read more

Prairie wheat growers wanted for gluten strength study

What's in it for you? Valuable data about your wheat, and potentially help boost returns for the whole class

Scientists investigating the effect weather, agronomics and genotype have on milling wheat quality are appealing to farmers across the Prairies to participate in their study. The goal is to improve the quantity, quality and consistency of Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat and in so doing increase returns to farmers. In return participating farmers will […] Read more

wheat grains

NDSU issues warning on Elgin wheat sales

Some U.S. seedsmen may be approaching Canadian growers to sell them certified Elgin-ND seed

FP Genetics is the only legal source for Elgin-ND pedigreed seed in Canada and this spring all its seed is going to Western Canadian seed growers to produce certified seed for commercial production in 2016. Those who try to get seed from American suppliers are breaking plant breeders’ rights laws and face heavy penalties, warns […] Read more


Killing frost Friday would damage W. Man. crop

After the weekend, warmer, drier weather is forecast until the end of September

A killing frost Friday morning will damage a lot of crops in western Manitoba, including cereals and canola, says Lionel Kaskiw — and that’s what the forecast is calling for. “We needed at least until the third week of September or the end of September (without frost) and we’re getting (frost possibly) the second week […] Read more

Soybean aphids found near Morden, but don’t panic

They've finally arrived, but the pest isn't likely to cause economic damage this season

The first soybean aphids of the season have been found near Morden but there are so few and it’s so late they are unlikely to be an economic pest this season, says Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development’s entomologist John Gavloski. “It’s happening very late so there could be some later-seeded fields that are still […] Read more

Invasion of the body snatchers

Grasshoppers being preyed upon by parasitic red mites

This grasshopper munching on a sunflower in southwestern Manitoba is being devoured by parasitic red mites (Eutrombidium locustarum), says Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD) entomologist John Gavloski. The mites feed on the blood (hemolymph) of grasshoppers. They also prey on grasshopper eggs. Each female mite can lay up to 4,000 eggs, providing mite […] Read more

flea beetle damage on a leaf

Later canola seeding could mean less flea beetle damage

In addition to flea beetles, farmers should be scouting for cutworms, wireworms and grasshoppers

Flea beetles are munching on Manitoba canola crops but a provincial entomologist says the damage may look worse than it is. If there’s more than 25 per cent feeding damage after the canola crop has been planted for at least three weeks, an insecticide application could be economic, John Gavloski said in a Manitoba Agriculture, […] Read more