Gary Pike is guilty of publishing (Correction, May 4, 2009, page 3) incorrect statements and misinformation damaging to the reputation of the Canadian Wheat Board. No surprise since he came loaded with an anti-CWB agenda. After all, he was hand-picked by Prime Minister Harper to testify against the CWB. No wonder that the U. S. Wheat Associates (with its motto “U. S. wheat, the world’s most reliable choice”) features Mr. Pike on its website along with Stephen Harper’s infamous statement, “We’re going to get this market opened whether the Wheat Board likes it or not.”

“Frankly,” Mr. Pike stated, “large operators like my clients do not like to be held captive to the CWB … so they will probably vote with their seed drills.” In fact, the farmers voted clearly at the ballot box, while Mr. Pike continues to sow misinformation.

James K. Finley Luseland, Sask.



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