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Hay and so much more available on-line

Several websites help farmers connect with farmers and other suppliers

Western Canadian farmers and ranchers looking to buy or sale hay or almost anything else concerning beef production can tap into some new as well as established on-line listing services. Most of the websites help producers either buy or sell forages, but some sites offer much broader services too. And aside from forages etc at […] Read more

Food Day Canada, Saturday August 1 — eat something Canadian

Celebrate Canadian grown food and share the message

BY Lee Hart According to my bathroom scale unfortunately every day is Food Day in my life, but aside from that there is an even more important Food Day being observed this Saturday, August 1, 2020. It is the 10th anniversary of Food Day Canada with everyone being encouraged to celebrate and ‘Shine a Light […] Read more

Impressive nominees for environmental stewardship awards

Money invested in protecting environment is returning beef production dividends

By Lee Hart Four farms and ranches from across Canada have been nominated by their provincial beef organizations as contenders for The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA) presented by the Canadian Cattleman’s Association (CCA) The four beef operations from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia are all in the running for national TESA, which will be […] Read more

AgVisor Pro operating team continues to grow

The information matchmaker - what happens at AgVisor Pro stays at AgVisor Pro

By Lee Hart I don’t want to appear to be the PR department for AgVisor Pro, but Rob Saik who founded the company about a year ago, along with co-conspirator Patrick Walther is very good at keeping the world informed as the service that connects farmers with expert advice around the country continues to grow. […] Read more

Complex agriculture, keep it simple

I like when I read or hear about something that is potentially complex or very technical and it is explained in very simple terms. The over simplification may not be 100 per cent accurate but it helps me create mental pictures and better understand the message. So it was good hear well known Western Canada […] Read more

Colossal payout doesn’t cast shadow on Roundup safety

Bayer looking to settle the glyphosate debate once and for all

It is probably wrong to describe anything that cost nearly $US11 billion as frivolous, but I have to think how much good could have been done in the world with the $11 billion Bayer paid to settle what in my view were essentially frivolous US-based class action law suits claiming that Roundup and other glyphosate-based […] Read more

Canadian Western Agribition goes virtual for 2020

A virtual Ag In Motion in July will show you how it's done

First the Farm Progress Show, then the Calgary Stampede, then Ag In Motion, and now Canadian Western Agribition for 2020 has been cancelled. Whatever is going on out there, this must be serious. I even heard rumours that Christmas 2020 is being postponed until next Easter… (well not really, but you never know.) The impact […] Read more

Remembering Phil Thomas

Mr. Canola was also just a very nice person

I am sorry to report this morning on the sudden passing yesterday of Phil Thomas who was known not only in Alberta, but across Western Canada and many parts of the world as Mr. Canola. Thomas, who devoted more than 50 years of his professional career to agricultural research and extension services, for the majority […] Read more

No details yet on beef set aside program

Producers waiting for details on how to access funds

Beef producers across Western Canada wanting to access funds from a federal/provincial set aside program intended to help with feed costs and loss of in come due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will have to wait a little longer. Alberta premier Jason Kenney got the ball rolling May 8, announcing that Alberta was joining the federal […] Read more