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Crop year ends with grain export record

Both major railways have announced record grain shipments, and with a more than a week left in the crop year, total Canadian grain exports had already topped last year’s record. The Canadian Grain Commission reports that as of July 21, with 10 days left in the 2018-19 crop year, total exports of Canadian grain had […] Read more

We’re going somewhere in a handbasket

We’re going somewhere in a handbasket

We could take the train to get there, but unfortunately there are no rail cars

The movement and marketing of natural resources vital to western Canadians isn’t that important — oil and grain can wait. Let’s focus on the real priority — getting cannabis into the hands of consumers. And maybe that’s the strategy. Get people high on marijuana and then they won’t really notice that governments aren’t doing anything. […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: Where’s our federal ag minister?

From taxation to transportation, there’s a lack of understanding of agriculture showing

Some days, you really have to wonder where our federal ag minister is at. Last year, the federal Liberals attempted to roll out tax reforms that raised the hackles of many in the ag sector. The proposed changes to capital gains exemptions seemed likely to threaten many producers’ abilities to pass the operation to their […] Read more

Fifty-six per cent is not a passing grade

Fifty-six per cent is not a passing grade

In a special guest editorial Vicki Dutton argues for federal action on rail service

Knock knock jokes are as old as the hills. For those of you who never had the pleasure, they went this way: “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” Then a roll-your-eyes type Q & A would ensue. These days rail service feels like a knock knock joke. The billion-dollar question is when and if cars will arrive. […] Read more

A truck bears the logo of the Fortune brand, used by Cofco’s China Agri subsidiary to market rice and flour. (

China to subsidize grain transportation, storage

Beijing | Reuters — China plans to subsidize grain transportation and storage facilities in the latest push by Beijing to modernize the world’s largest agriculture sector. Beijing will subsidize projects upgrading or building facilities to load and receive grains along main railways and ports for major waterways including the Yangtze and Pearl rivers, a document […] Read more

Transportation, energy and agriculture

A new era brings change and challenge

Transportation players are working together after the end of the CWB's single desk

Greg Northey, industry relations director for Pulse Canada, says grain companies have had to handle more logistical challenges since the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk’s, which he said was “probably an interesting learning curve.” Northey is unsure how that learning curve affected grain movement in years with big issues. But he thinks […] Read more

Hold off on closing producer-car loading sites, says APAS president

Hold off on closing producer-car loading sites, says APAS president

Government needs to "get off the pot" and do a full rail costing review

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is asking for a time-out on Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway’s planned closure of 10 producer-car loading sites. “It’s great to have legislation (saying) that we can get producer cars, but if there’s nowhere to drop them off, it’s not going to help anybody,” says Todd Lewis, president of […] Read more