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Watch Overhead Lines When Moving Equipment

In recent years, the height of new farm equipment has grown while many power lines have remained the same. Because of this, farmers and ranchers need to be especially aware of clearances under power lines that run through, under and alongside their yards and fields.

FortisAlberta recently launched a power line safety video targeted to Alberta farmers and ranchers. The video shows a variety of common agricultural scenarios involving the potential for power line contacts, and what considerations and actions must be taken to ensure farmers and ranchers safety. This includes contacting Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation to get a permit for transporting loads more than 4.15 metres in height down any public road or highway.

Many of our farm customers have been working the same piece of land for generations safely passing under power lines, says Doug Skippen, FortisAlberta s manager of health and safety. As farmers upgrade their equipment they sometimes forget to take into account the size of the new equipment and suddenly power lines that they have passed under with no problems for years now becomes a problem and contacts occur. In 2010, there were 250 public contacts with FortisAlberta s power lines, 39 of which involved agricultural equipment such as air seeders, air sprayers and grain augers.

The video is available for viewing at



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