Step Up is for farm kids, too

Harris Ivens is not from a farm, but he wants to be a farmer. That’s why the Canadian Farm Business Management Council (CFBMC) Step Up program was so valuable to him. Farm kids who already know about farming would also benefit greatly from the program. In fact, Step Up is ideally suited to ag students who are from a farm and want hands on farm management experience on another farm, perhaps in another sector of agriculture, and perhaps in another part of the country. “We’re aiming for kids who want to take over the farm and who want to experience another management style other than mom and dad’s,” says Step Up project manager Melissa Dumont.


As outlined on the CFBMC website,, Step Up was created for these three reasons:

1. So young farmers can learn critical aspects of farm business management from their peers in a hands on setting

2. To transition farm business management knowledge from one generation of farmers to the next

3. To provide a learning and sharing environment for both the mentor (the farmer) and the mentee (the student.) Step Up is taking applications right now for 2009 mentors and men-tees. Remember, there are two sides to this program. It needs willing mentors, so if you want to help a young farmer, then sign up. For more information, contact Melissa Dumont at [email protected] or 1-888-232-3262 extension 30.


1. Develop new skills and abilities by learning from the best.

2. Capture great new ideas from an experienced farm manager.

3. Broaden your horizons and experience.

4. Increase your motivation and confidence.

5. Access a wider network of contacts You will be mentored for a minimum of eight weeks, likely in another province. You must have completed within the past five years or be currently enrolled in a post-secondary agricultural program in Canada. Priority will be given to those who have completed their second year of studies within their agricultural program. The mentee must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Your mentor will be a farmer willing to teach his or her farm business management techniques. The goal of the program is to get the mentee involved in all of the management aspects of the business, and not just to provide farm labour help.



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