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Manufacturer’s rebate and reward programs are fairly similar to what was offered in 2008. For the most part, programs have only been tweaked with changes to qualifying products and rebate percentages rather than being significantly modified.

Where there have been changes to manufacturer’s pesticide marketing strategies is in the increase in the number of early booking and early purchase programs offered in late 2008 and early 2009. Most of those programs have now ended. However, growers may find some products for which they have received rebates for in the past are no longer eligible for a rebate in 2009 if those products were purchased under an early booking program. Given the significant saving offered on some of these early booking programs, growers looking to save on 2010 pesticide spending should remember to watch for early booking pesticide offers in the fall and winter of 2009.

Growers will also find a number of new generic pesticide products on retailers’ shelves this spring. These products, combined with an increase in the number of private label and retail brandings of popular herbicides, may result in some retailers offering their own rebate and reward programs in addition to the manufacturer’s programs listed below. Check with your local retailer for additional savings.

Finally, remember that registration is required to participate in nearly all manufacturer rebate and reward programs. Make sure you register with the companies manufacturing the pesticides you will be using this year so you are eligible for any rebates and rewards offered.

Here are the companies and their programs for 2009:


Arysta LifeScience is not offering any rebate programs for 2009.


GrowForward. Growers can save up to 20 per cent on select BASF products by participating in the 2009 BASF GrowForward Rewards Program. Under this program, the total acreage of purchased qualifying BASF products (Clearfield seed, Gemini and Charter seed treatments, Ripcord insecticide, Headline and Lance fungicides, and FlaxMax DLX, DyVel DSp, Banvel II, Equinox, DyVel, and Poast Ultra herbicides) is used to determine the percentage savings rate on purchases of reward products (Odyssey, Odyssey DLX, Absolute, Tensile, Adrenalin, Altitude, DyVel DSp, DyVel, Viper, and Solo.)

A minimum 300-acre purchase of qualifying products earns the grower a four per cent rebate on the reward products. This rate increases in regular increments to a maximum savings of 12 per cent for growers purchasing 3,500 acres of qualifying products. Furthermore, every acre of reward products purchased allows a grower to save 20 per cent on two acres worth of Headline or Lance purchases.

Growers who have previously signed a BASF PIPEDA Information Consent Form are automatically enrolled in the 2009 GrowForward rewards program. Growers who have not previously participated in BASF GrowForward programs can enroll through their local retailer or by contacting BASF at 1-800-371-2273. Purchases of BASF products must be made between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009 to be eligible for the 2009 GrowForward program.

Clearfield Advantage. In addition to GrowForward, the Clearfield Advantage Program enhances the rewards by 10 per cent if a grower ordered Clearfield canola or Clearfield sunflower seed prior to December 31, 2008, and/or Clearfield wheat or Clearfield lentils by February 28, 2009.

A purchase of any Clearfield crop enables growers to save $1 per acre on Gemini, Charter, and/ or DyVel DSP for all cereal acres.

As well, seed purchases under the Clearfield Advantage program are worth double the acreage in the calculation of your GrowForward saving percentage. Growers can also earn an additional 10 per cent on matching acres by applying registered Clearfield herbicides on selected Clearfield crops

Xceed canola, Clearfield sunflowers) and by signing the Clearfield Commitment.


BayerValue. The BayerValue Program has a number of components, including an early booking savings which ended January 30, 2009.

Under the Bayer Cereal Program component, a minimum 300-acre purchase of Puma Super and/or Velocity m3 will qualify a grower for $1 per acre off an equivalent number of acres of Raxil. Growers will also receive $3 per acre off Folicur and $3 per acre off Proline or Rovral Flo purchases. Proline and Rovral Flo rebate acres must be matched by the number of acres that received an application of Puma and/or Velocity m3 and the acres treated with Buctril M, Centurion, Infinity, and/or Stratego.

Growers can also save under the Bayer Tank Mix Bonus program. Tank mixing Puma Super with Buctril M or Thumper provides a $1 per acre savings. Growers can save $2 per acre by tank mixing Puma Super with Infinity. The Tank Mix bonus can be used in conjunction with all other Bayer Value Programs, however it is lim-

continued on pa ge 22

Clearfield canola, Clearfield

ited to the total acres of Puma Super purchased.

Liberty Two-Pass Program. Purchases of InVigor hybrid canola seed and Liberty herbicide qualify a grower for savings of $5 per acre on a second pass of Liberty if it is required. To qualify for this rebate, Bayer CropScience must inspect and verify fields and acres where the second application of Liberty is made.

Products purchased under the InVigor Early Book Program are not eligible for savings under the Bayer Cereal Program.

Savings and rewards apply to all qualifying products purchased between September 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009.

Growers who participated in the 2006-08 BayerValue Programs are automatically enrolled in 2009. If you are not registered you must call the Bayer Rebate Fulfillment Center by May 1, 2009 to participate in 2009.


Grower Offer. Dow Agro-Sciences’ Grower Offer, introduced in 2008, will be continued in 2009. Essentially, the more qualifying Dow AgroSciences products you purchase between November 1, 2008 and October 31, 2009, the more you save on eligible Dow AgroSciences products.

The total dollar amount a grower spends on purchases of 24 qualifying Dow AgroSciences pesticide products and Nexera canola seed determines the rebate percentage on purchases of Attain, Benchmark, Dithane DG Rainshield NT, Eclipse II, Eclipse III, Frontline, Frontline XL, Frontline 2,4-D, Liquid Achieve, Lontrel, Lorsban 4E, PrePass, Prestige, Spectrum, Simplicity, Vantage Plus MAX, and Vantage Plus MAX II.

A grower spending $10,000 on qualifying Dow AgroSciences products is eligible for a two per cent rebate on the products listed above. This rebate percentage increases in graduated increments to a maximum rebate of seven per cent for growers spending $100,000 or more on qualifying purchases. Suggested retail pricing of products is used in the calculation of reward percentages.

Growers who participated in the 2008 Dow AgroSciences Grower Offer are automatically enrolled for the 2009 reward program. If you have not participated in a previous Dow AgroSciences Grower Offer you can register by contacting your retailer, your local Dow AgroSciences representative, or by calling the Solutions Center at 1-800-667-3852.

Growers participating in the Grower Offer can expect to receive their first program payments as early as July 2009.

Nexera Canola Loyalty Bonus. This is new for 2009. Growers who grew Nexera canola in 2008 and who have contracted Nexera canola production in 2009 will be able to use the costs of both 2008 and 2009 Nexera canola seed in the calculation of the 2009 savings percentage.


FarmCare. Growers purchasing 320 acres worth of DuPont’s Harmony brand products between December 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009 will be eligible for a three per cent discount on these products. Purchasing 640 acres of Harmony products increases the discount to five per cent, and 1,280 acres or more of Harmony brands will result in savings of seven per cent on Harmony purchases. Furthermore, purchasing Harmony products also qualifies the grower for rewards in the Syngenta Partner Program. However, purchases of Harmony brand products made under the Harmony Early Booking Program are not eligible for rebates in the FarmCare Program.

Growers can also save eight per cent on Refine SG, four per cent on Refine M, and four per cent on Triton C. To qualify, you must purchase at least 320 acres worth of any combination of these three products. The maximum rebate a grower can receive is on a combined total of 1,600 acres of these products.

Furthermore, growers purchasing a minimum 320 acres worth of Refine or Triton brands are eligible for 15 per cent savings on a matching number of acres of Express.

Additional information about DuPont’s FarmCare reward program is available by calling the FarmCare Support Center at 1-800-667 3925.


The marketing strategy of MANA, a new pesticide manufacturer in Canada is “Fair Price — Brand Results.” This company does not offer any rebate or reward programs, believing growers do not like filling out complex applications or waiting for rebates.


RiskSheild. Monsanto is again offering RiskShield Protection Packages to growers purchasing and using Roundup brand agricultural herbicides.

The Crop Establishment Riskshare refunds or credits the purchase amount a grower spends on Roundup WeatherMAX or Roundup Transorb HC when used as per label directions for pre-seed burndown if — due to weather conditions — the crop planted where the burndown was made fails to establish and the land has to be reseeded or fallowed prior to July 1, 2009. (640 acre maximum)

Monsanto also guarantees the performance of Roundup WeatherMAX and Transorb HC. If Roundup WeatherMAX fails due to a rainfall 30 minutes or more after application or if Roundup WeatherMAX does not provide satisfactory control under other environmental conditions, Monsanto will refund or credit the purchase amount up to the initial use rate under the All Weather Warranty. This guarantee is limited to 640 acres.

If Roundup Transorb HC fails due to a rainfall 60 minutes or more after application or if Roundup Transorb HC does not provide satisfactory control under other environmental conditions, Monsanto will refund or credit the purchase amount up to the initial use rate under the All Weather Warranty. This guarantee is limited to 640 acres.

Monsanto also guarantees crop safety. If WeatherMAX or Transorb HC is applied as per label directions over Roundup Ready crops and that crop is economically injured, Monsanto will refund or credit the purchase amount of the initial use rate of the WeatherMAX or Transorb HC on the affected area up to a maximum of 640 acres.

New for 2009 is the Riskshare Complete Solution. If a grower uses Roundup WeatherMAX over Roundup Ready canola and has to take those RR canola acres out of production for any reason before June 30, 2009, Monsanto will credit the grower with $25 per acre if a grower has purchased 0.66 litres of WeatherMAX per seeded RR canola acre. If the grower pur-

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