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If you’ve been paying attention to what farm equipment manufacturers are currently saying about their machines in the media, you’ve noticed a few new catchphrases repeatedly popping up.

“Best-in-class fuel economy” is one of the big ones this season. Using it helps marketers explain their new models have greatly reduced operating costs. Over the last few months, I think every company has used that phrase at least once.

And then there’s this one: “customer driven.” What more does a manufacturer need to say to convince today’s “professional farmers” — there’s another one of those catchphrases — their tractors have exactly the right features?

Obviously, customer surveys, focus groups and the variety of other methods used by manufacturers to get buyer feedback on machinery are all telling the same story. Farmers, like all consumers, want good value for their money. And they want equipment and technology that can improve their efficiency and profit.

For machinery marketers, using these catchphrases is an easy way to get their message out in only a few words. So maybe I should try using them to say that atGrainewswe’re always striving to provide a magazine that has value for you, too; and we want your feedback to let us know we know if we’re on track. I’ll give it a whirl; here goes.

In order to help makeGrainews a best-in-class publication and deliver outstanding value for your subscription investment, I look for input from readers, like you, to let me now what aspects of today’s machinery technology you’d like to know more about. That way I can create the kind of customer-driven articles you’re looking for in the Machinery and Shop sections of future issues.

Sound good?

Youcanreachmeviaemailatscott. [email protected] orat306-435-2667

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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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