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QuickSteer Motor For Leica Mojo

Leica Geosystems has a new QuickSteer motor to work with its mojoGlide or mojoRTK consoles. The QuickSteer motor can be added to a wide range of agricultural vehicles that do not have factory-installed steering kits. It mounts on the vehicle’s steering column and turns the steering wheel with a friction contact wheel. The mojoGLIDE console provides six-to eight-inch accuracy. MojoRTK autosteer system provides increased accuracy and repeatability.

“While this motor doesn’t provide hydraulic-level accuracy, it does allow farmers with older equipment the opportunity to realize the efficiencies available through an auto-steer system,” says Trevor Mecham, North American sales manager for Leica Geosystems’ Ag Group.

The kit sells for US$3,200 and includes QuickSteer motor (with an integrated CAN-Bus interface), universal mounting bracket, CAN cable, power cable, and a replacement contact wheel.

The QuickSteer motor and mojo consoles can be moved between vehicles. For example, if a farmer is using the mojoRTK or mojoGLIDE system on a newer tractor with a factory-installed steering kit, but wants to also use the auto-steer system on an older tractor, the QuickSteer motor is a quick and easy solution for retrofitting the older tractor.

For a complete list of steering solutions, visit the Education Center on www.mojoRTK.comor call toll free 1-877-800-6656.



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