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New Flex Header From AGCO

AGCO has a new Dyn-aFlex draper header for Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Challenger combines. It comes in 30-, 35-and 40-foot widths.

Draper headers don’t have augers that twist and bunch the crop. Instead, they have drapers — like a swather — to convey cut crop to the feederhouse. “Draper headers are proven to increase harvesting rates by 25 per cent or more because they provide a smooth, steady flow of material moving head first into the feeder house,” says Kevin Bien, combine marketing manager at AGCO.

The automatic header height control relays ground contours to the combine for a close even cut, even from the widest 40-foot header.

The DynaFlex header features independent dampened tilt arms, evenly spaced every 30 inches, which provide a true flexible cutterbar. With an eight-inch range of travel and 10 degrees of tilt adjustment, the floating cutterbar is easily adjusted for all crop conditions and provides precise cutting of the crop without scalping or gouging the soil. You can position sickle guard tips to touch the ground in down crop conditions or to point upward in rocky conditions.

Power to the knife comes from a mechanical-drive gear system that provides up to 400 per cent more torque than belt or hydraulically driven systems, the company says. You can choose between the DynaMax cutterbar with spring-loaded hold-downs or the Schumacher cutterbar with rollers. Also, two sickles are available: row-crop with seven serrations per inch and small-grain with 14 serrations per inch.

Power to the reel comes from the combine hydraulics. With fingertip control and factory-installed reel-speed sensor, you can match reel speed to ground speed.

Hydraulics also control header flex. At low pressure, the cutterbar has complete flexibility to follow field contours. Higher pressure reduces ground pressure and flexibility, which is recommended for soft ground conditions.

For more information on the DynaFlex flex draper header, see your local Gleaner, Massey Ferguson or Challenger combine dealer or visit,www.masseyferguson.comor



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