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Grain Vacs To Go

Some large-scale producers now have grains and oilseeds stored in a wide variety of locations, several kilometres apart. Moving a tractor and grain vac around to all of them can be a slow, time-consuming process. That fact hasn’t been lost on the manufacturers who produce grain handling equipment. The number of firms offering diesel-powered, self-contained grain vacs is growing.

Farmers looking for one they can pull behind a truck now have at least three brand options to choose from. Walinga, Rem and Farm King all have a design on the market. Here’s a look at how they stack up.


Having a self-contained grain vac allows farmers to leave their tractors in the yard. “Some of the bigger farmers that lease their tractors don’t want to put extra hours on them,” says Tom Linde, marketing manager for Walinga. “So this is one way to avoid that.”

According to Linde, the company has seen a significant increase in demand for self-contained units in the past 20 years from both Canadian and U.S. customers. Currently, Walinga offers two standard, diesel-powered “Ultra-Vac” models; but it will also custom build any of its line of vacs into a trailer unit to meet a need.


Like all of the Versatile machines in its sister equipment line, the Farm King 6644 vac uses a Cummins engine. The vac has a pre-cleaner to keep abrasive dust out of the positive displacement blower for longer life. It’s also quieter. The company says it keeps decibel levels to 50 per cent of what previous vac models generated.

The Cummins engine is connected to the vac by a cogged belt and pulley drive mechanism to minimize slippage and prevent power loss under load.


Rem is now offering two PTO vac models as self-contained, diesel- powered units. The vacs are coupled to a fully enclosed, liquid cooled, E Series Deutz diesel engine and mounted on a standard Trailtech flat-deck trailer.

When the new models started making the rounds at farm shows, they generated higher producer interested than expected, says Grant Howse, a territory sales rep for Rem. “I’m surprised at the results,” he says. Farmers are taking notice of the concept.

Both Rem models have a 40 gallon fuel tank and come standard with 48 feet of hose. The trailer also includes electric brakes.


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Specifications: Walinga Vac

Specifications: Farm King Vac

Specifications: Rem Vac


Bushels/hr. wheat Engine


Discharge height

Line diameter Weight




John Deere 6068T John Deere 6068T 170 185

14’ 5” and 6”

14’ 6” and 7”

7,000lb. (3,176kg) 7,200lb. (3,265kg) Model

Bushels/hr. wheat Engine


Discharge height

Line diameter Weight


3,000-3,800 Cummins QSB4.5L

130 13.3’

6” 5,300 lb. (2,409 kg) Models

Bushels/hr. wheat Engine


Discharge height

Line diameter Weight


1,400-5,000 Deutz E Series

130 14’ 6”



5,000-10,000 Deutz E Series

200 16’ 6”


6,800lb. (3,084kg) 8,700lb. (3,946kg)

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