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Biggest RoGator Ever

AGCO Application Equipment has five new RoGator high-clearance sprayer models, including the 311-horsepower Model 1386 with a 1,300-gallon tank.

Rounding out the 2010 RoGator lineup are Model 984H with 250 horsepower and 900-gallon tank, Model 984 with 275-hp and 900-gallon tank, and Models 1184 and 1184H with 275-hp and 1,100-gallon tank. Both the 1184 and 1386 may also be equipped with a dry spinner system for granular products. RoGator H models feature leaf-spring suspension while suspension on other models is an air-spring system.

Besides the larger model, RoGator has two other key design changes for 2010. First is the front entry, with a fold-down ladder, easy first step, gentle angle of ascent, wide-set handrails and a wide walkway. Second is the optional front-fill liquid system so you can drive up to the water truck and fill without having to fold out the booms, if that has been a problem for you. The front-fill station also has larger fresh water and hand rinse tanks.

Lowered boom mounts and a lowered tank saddle as well as off-cab rear-view mirror mountings improve visibility in the field and on the road.

For more information about the five new 2010 model RoGators, visit the new website at www.applylikeapro.comor see your local AGCO Application Equipment dealer.


AGCO has amassed a number of sprayer brands, including RoGator, Willmar and Spra-Coupe. To help you pick the right one for your farm, AGCO has a new single source website —— for all its sprayer models.

Mark Sharitz, director of marketing for AGCO application equipment, says, “The site is designed to help retailers and growers shop for the application machine that best meets their needs versus shopping by brand.” The site replaces the individual brand sites for TerraGator, Willmar, NMS, Spra-Coupe and RoGator, yet provides full product information and specifications for each product offering — including a 360-degree virtual tour of each machine.



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